RATING: 8/10


Hailing from Littlehampton, three-piece band Gloo have released their new ten-track debut album ‘A Pathetic Youth’ their first one to be released with Hassle Records. They’ve delved head-first into an album that’s straight to the point, has the best song names and gives off a real feel good energy.

Kicking off the anthology is ‘Holiday’ this track has an infectious beat that you can’t help but love. The chorus takes over repeating ‘I need a holiday!’ which is definitely relatable and it’s the one that gets stuck in your head, that you’ll have on repeat to help you feel good.

“straight to the point, has the best song names and gives off a real feel good energy.”

‘No Shit Sally’ is one that from the second it starts you know it’s going to be a wild ride, filled with so much energy and one that will be a hit live. Killer guitar riffs and the clashing of the drums to give it that punk sound, that we all know and love. It’s more of an intense yelling song, doubling the intensity and upping the loudness. ‘Pig’ is a little different it starts with instrumentals for a few minutes rather than just jumping straight into vocals. It’s rowdy, it’s energetic and it’s just what Gloo are about.

‘Forcing You’ starts off with the sound of the drum sticks bashing together, leading into the low-pitched rough vocals. Later on the instrumentals go crazy and really step up the noisiness. It adds an intense atmosphere to the overall aggressive feeling of the track, which makes the lyrics want to be heard.  

a real hit you in the face moment

Something this band are good at is just speaking the truth and making their music about real life and not sugar coating it, even if that does mean making a whole song about being drunk. Ending on a high note is the track, ‘Pissheads’ which has the lingering chorus of ‘we’re all pissheads’’ on repeat, the vocals in this one are a lot more raspy, which fitted well with the whole vibe of the song.

Gloo have really created something that’s a real hit you in the face moment, it isn’t afraid to speak the truth. Each track always shares a similarity and the vocals are always the same tone, it would be interesting to hear them change it up a bit and explore different tones and sounds. It for sure has a combination of old punk and new, which has been intertwined together to create a fresh sound for the band.

No shit sally, pig.




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