Discovered have been working alongside subscription-based promotion company Gotobeat for a little while now, sharing artists and content and helping each other out, but we were keen to chat with Max Busin, the mastermind behind the company, about what Gotobeat actually is and what it does to help up and coming artists. “Fans subscribe to our service and get access to all the concerts organized for a flat monthly fee,” he succinctly explained how it all works. “We organize a mix of open and members-only events across London and we make it easier for people to access and enjoy such events.”

The company currently works with over 40 artists from all over the UK, including “a mix of signed and unsigned bands, most of them have been part of BBC Introducing in the past.” The bands who work with them always get a flat fee for any gigs they perform at organised by Gotobeat, as well as a cut of ticket sales. In an age where bands are lucky to come away with £10 expenses, that’s quite a feat. The idea of Gotobeat is to benefit both artists AND fans. “We just asked ourselves a simple question,” explained Max. “how can we give people a better experience when they go to a gig? We identified what makes an event successful, what must happen in order for people to have a good time, we replicated it and we tried to make it scalable.”

“how can we give people a better experience when they go to a gig? We identified what makes an event successful.”

So far, the venture has been pretty successful with Max stating their biggest success story is “the incredible feedback we received from the artists working with us. When an artist comes back to us, thanking us for our work and the nights we put on and telling us that they have had such a smooth and organized experience when working with a promoter, that’s where we succeed.”

Gotobeat is currently run by a small, close-knit team of three who are clearly passionate about music and do this more out of love than anything. “More support to up and coming local artists means more chances for them to develop and create better music,” said Max, although coming from a business background, he can also see things from a different perspective, and is able to assess how something like this can ultimately help the economy too. “Ultimately, a better live music scene creates a wealthier society, both from the economic and community point of view.” This sharp business acumen allows them to keep an eye on how the company is growing and look at ways to improve it. “We have a couple of key business metrics to understand how our business is going. We look at these metrics every day we try to push the bar higher every day.”

“every day we try to push the bar higher every day.”

2020 looks set to be an exciting year for the company, with plans to expand to different genres as well as “a bigger investment and focus also on members-only events (after parties, meet and greets) in order to create a stronger community of music lovers around Gotobeat”

“It’s hard to bring people to live music events,” Max reflected finally. “Gotobeat is finding a scalable and sustainable way to address this problem (potentially in all these markets) and ultimately offer people a better experience in order to bring them back to live music events…Gotobeat brings everyone together with the same passion, no matter your background, politics, race or sexuality. We are bringing music back to everyone!”





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