Staffordshire-based band In The Cards released their four track EP ‘The Path’ recently. The female fronted alternative rock group released their first album ‘Eyes Beyond Reflection’ in 2018, they’ve now gone on to sharing stages with bands such as As It Is, Creeper, Arcane Roots and Mallory Knox and are currently hitting the road throughout this year. The quartet shares similarities with bands such as Tonight Alive, Pvris and 30 Seconds To Mars. They embrace infectious melodies and hard-hitting lyrics and overall give you that real feel-good vibe.

Something that In The Cards always do is shine through with their hard-hitting lyrics, ones that speak to their audience on a whole other level. Mental health is something that many feel isn’t spoken about enough, but when it’s through music it gives a few words a whole other meaning. ’Music is probably the most powerful media in the world; it has the power to change so much and raise awareness on subjects that collectively affect so many people. If we can talk about issues that people may be suffering in silence with, then we can help them to realise they’re not alone,’’ bass player Nathan told us.

“there are times when we’re living in each other’s pockets”

No one said it would ever be easy being in a band, but there’s always a way to pull through as Nathan clearly states ‘’Life can have push and pull so naturally there are times when we’re living in each other’s pockets and others where different priorities take over, but that’s what team work and being in a band is really all about.’’ They don’t like to let things get in the way even though this year has been a rather crazy one for them. ‘’We’ve played more shows in 2019 than we have in the rest of our lives so that’s been mad. Travelling around the country and then making sure we’re back home for work in the morning has pushed us.’’

The music industry grows more and more each day, with many musicians always trying to get revenue and to be able to put themselves out there more. Some places have a much bigger range of venues and are close to even bigger cities. However, some have hardly any so it can be hard for a band to thrive in a smaller town but that hasn’t been the case for this band. ‘’Staffordshire is always offering musicians and musical acts that are looking to grow their fan bases the opportunity to play at quality venues. The Sugarmill in Stoke-on-Trent is chief amongst them; they’ve supported us since day one.’’

“Keep an eye out for us playing a show near you because we’ll be on the road a lot.”

In The Cards’ new EP is pretty awesome. Nathan said ‘’We’ve had a really positive things feedback to us about the new EP! We obviously had it ready for a while before it was released; it’s good to know that other people enjoy the new songs as much as we do.’’ Disguise was the first lead single to be put out to the world and Nathan spoke to us about why it’s their favourite. ‘’It was always the one song with a message that we knew would resonate with everyone listening. The lyrics are really empowering; the message is loud and clear.

The next step for In The Cards for 2020 is to embrace the band life and continue to play shows and continue to please their fans. Nathan said ‘’Touring, touring and more touring. Keep an eye out for us playing a show near you because we’ll be on the road a lot.’’ They will be hitting the road with rock band Evade Escape in mid February next year, travelling to London, Wolverhampton, Newcastle and many more.



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