From the competitive world of Hollywood comes Sadderday, an up and coming five piece band blending melodic hardcore with pop punk. These close friends have been relentlessly making music together for the last four years and now it’s finally starting to pay off. “It’s very easy to give up after not obtaining the results that you want,” reflected the band on their hard work and patience. “Things never happen overnight…It’s taken some time for us to put ourselves in a position to succeed and showcase our work. It has been very humbling to hear that someone is interested in what we’re doing…There was a couple of frustrating years where we almost called it quits, but we kept pushing. We kept working. Now we don’t see us stopping any time soon. You just have to be patient and keep working hard at what you love.”

Inspiring words indeed and being based out of a place like LA must certainly be tough, with so many bands and so much other stuff going on to compete with. “To be able to showcase your band in this area you either have to know the right people , or you have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on presales to play the venues in Hollywood,” the guys told us the sad facts of the scene there. “It’s mainly a competition with the industry…The scene has definitely taken a hit…There is so much talent out here just waiting to be discovered.”

“we don’t see us stopping any time soon”

As well as slogging their guts out on the local scene then, and playing gigs as far afield as Stockton, a 6 hour drive, the band are making the massive leap of playing abroad for the first time soon, with a show lined up in Japan of all places. “To be able to knock this out of the bucket list is special. To be able to travel across the world and do what we love is beyond what we’ve ever expected,” the band enthused. “We want to give a quick shout out to the people who helped make this happen for us. Anthony Canal from Heart Like War and Hiro Kawamoto of Wait for Sunlight.”

Continuing to run with that momentum and try to move from strength to strength then, Sadderday’s next obvious step is to get into the studio, and the band revealed they have their debut EP coming very soon. “It’ll feature 5 new songs where we move away from the sound of our previous recordings,” they cryptically told us. “We’re excited to release it. We feel it’s our best work. We hope it takes us a step further as it showcases our first set of songs that we worked on as a full band.”

“we’re definitely 100% in on the ride.”

Sadderday already feels very different from the bands they’ve been in previously, they said, “more mature and more experienced…more focus and more willingness to invest in this project from all 5 members” and it feels like a project that will hopefully continue to grow.

They’re now close to “finding a sound we can call our own” and with the EP in the pipeline, tours in Japan and a West Coast tour in the planning stages, 2020 is looking set to be a busy year for the band. “This definitely feels like a family,” they reflected finally. “Everyone is 100% in on everything that will help us grow…It’s difficult to say where we see ourselves in 5 to 10 years, but we’re definitely 100% in on the ride.”







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