Movies are works of art that can take us to places we’ve never been to and allow our minds to run wild. It creates a spark of imagination inside of us, making a world of pure fantasy. This imaginative spark is what created the Selby pop-punk quartet Lyon Estates.

“We’re really obsessed by old cheesy movies,” bassist Rich Harrison said. The band’s love for movies would be a reason for the group’s formation in the first place. Some of their songs are references to film and TV, with some being based on The Simpsons and Back To The Future. The 80s film trilogy would inspire the band’s name, based on the subdivision that Marty McFly lives in in the series.

“We didn’t really have any sort of plans except to just jam out some songs and play a few hometown shows”

Lyon Estates started in 2011 and has since had an ever-changing lineup. The band now consists of Harrison, guitarist/vocalist John Wace, drummer Chris Flavell, and guitarist/frontman Jonny Gill, who became an official member in late 2017 after being their unofficial bassist for years. “Lyon Estates came together as a bunch of friends who all lived in the same dreary northern town,” Harrison said.  “We didn’t really have any sort of plans except to just jam out some songs and play a few hometown shows.”

Since forming, they’ve released numerous EPs, singles, and even a Christmas song called “Merry Christmas (It’s Turbo Time)”. The video for the Christmas song was based on the film Jingle All The Way, which had the group reenact the film, making their own props and costumes for the shoot. On stage they’ve performed with Woes, Calling All Captains, and MxPx.

Movies and pop culture have a big influence on the group. Guitarist/vocalist John Wace said, “We all have pretty similar tastes. Eighties movies definitely take the prize though. The Burbs, The Breakfast Club, Ghostbusters, The Goonies, E.T., the list goes on. There was something special about film making in that decade.” He also talked about how they influence society as a whole. “There is a lot of negativity in the world at the moment, and when people are looking for some escapism, they are probably going to stick on a box set, watch a movie or listen to their favourite bands.”

“we wanted to stand in solidarity with those who had fallen victim to abuse”

Lyon Estates have the typical pop-punk lyricisms we’ve either come to love or loathe, such as songs about relationships and breakups. But, they’re able to rise out of the clichés due to Gill’s writing, with Wace calling him a “lyrical wizard” and a “pop-punk poet.”

They also helped raise money for a good cause last year. The band produced a tee with 100% of the profits split between Safe Gigs For Women and Independent Domestic Abuse Services. “There was a lot of negativity flying around in the scene at the time, and we wanted to stand in solidarity with those who had fallen victim to abuse,” Wace recalled. The response was overwhelming and raised a lot of money.

The band have released their new EP called Welcome To The Family and next year will be touring throughout the UK as much as possible, with some shows in the EU.





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