From only forming this year, Like Giants have taken the music world by storm through touring and creating new music for their fans. It’s never easy being in a band that has only just entered the music scene, let alone only being together for three months, but they’ve managed to form a wide fan base and most of all been able to put out music that people will love.

The band has proved that you don’t have to be together for years to be successful. They’ve sold out the o2 arena in Birmingham, playing alongside their idols Less than Jake and Goldfinger. We spoke with vocalist David Kai and it was apparent that, that was a huge highlight for them, ‘’playing the main stage of the o2 was unbelievable! It is easily one of our ‘bucket list’ venues. From seeing bands like All Time Low, Bowling for Soup and many more there, getting the opportunity to stand on stage, doing what we love, with our best mates, is easily what dreams are made of!’’

“we try to pride ourselves on our close connection with our following”

Their songs are filled with raw emotion and meaningful lyrics, topics that are so relatable and are so important to speak about. As a listener, you feel a connection with the lyrics and the music in general, when it speaks about things that we all go through in life, it makes us feel like someone understands what we’re going through. Kai wisely said ‘’we try to pride ourselves on our close connection with our following, but it starts to become clear when messages were being sent to our DM’s talking about how low people felt, or how they wanted to harm themselves, they didn’t feel like they had a stable base to come and share their feelings.’’

Music has the biggest impact on an individual, it gives the ability to be able to pull you out of a dark place and make you see a light at the end of the tunnel. Kai spoke about how important music is in general and why topics like mental health are important to them. ‘’Music helps us all connect, remember and heal.’’ With important topics like mental health and life in general, we feel it’s important to write songs to show people it happens to us all, we’ve got you.’’

“I feel if you pen yourself to one genre too much and worry about changing things up, then you run the risk of being left behind”

Pop-punk is a genre of sound that is so popular and it’s constantly growing, which is why it’s interesting to know what bands can offer that others can’t. Kai spoke about what they can give to the scene ‘’Diversity! We don’t just write pop-punk music, we have the ability to write hard-hitting songs, but we, on the other hand, we can give that EPIC heavy guitar riff fix. I feel if you pen yourself to one genre too much and worry about changing things up, then you run the risk of being left behind.’’

With every band, there is always a moment in time that gets tough and it can often be hard to pull through, sticking together and motivating each other is key to keep going as Kai explains what gets the band through tough times. ‘’Our random sense of humor! Living life as much as we can we thrive on the ability to make each other laugh by doing the most random things, whether that’s quoting Harry Potter or Friends references, making stupid voices, we know when each of us has our bad times and we do our best to bring their emotions up.’’

Like Giants are in the process of creating new material and are planning on doing more shows this year, be sure to keep an eye out on their socials @likegiantsuk to keep up to date with what they have in store and what exciting plan they have for 2020!





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