Liverpool’s Furian are an exciting post-hardcore act battling against a somewhat disinterested scene in their hometown where “there’s a lot of support for Indie and your Beatles/Oasis music but not loads for anything else” but they’re still managing to make an impact. “Most of our own successes have been self organised,” guitar/vocalist Dan told us. It’s an experience they’ve found frustrating but there’s no love lost for their home city which they described as “one of the best cities in the world and the people are amazing.” It’s a credit to their music and determination then, that Furian are still managing to break out and get people to notice them.

Initially meeting at university, the band now live in various cities scattered across the UK. “I Live in Holyhead in North Wales, Abhi’s in Manchester now,” said guitarist Joe. “Dan’s at our base camp in Liverpool and Pete is all the way down in Milton Keynes.” But they haven’t let distance stop them either. It seems as though nothing can stand in Furian’s way on their rise to the top, even getting one of their tracks played on Kerrang! Radio recently which Joe described as “a tick off the bucket list.”

“we have an actual bond in this band”

Having been in bands previously, there’s something different about their experiences in Furian which makes them think they’re in it for the long haul. As Joe put it, “we have an actual bond in this band”, a closeness which makes songwriting easier. “We write collectively and respect each others ideas and opinions. We are very honest with each other and that really helps to get best out of us.”

Dan added, “We’ve been told our music has a lot of emotional appeal because the energy is always shifting and the lyrics are usually about turning negatives into positives in a way that people can relate to. I guess we just hope that’s true!” And their ultimate aim with their songwriting would be for their music to “bring people together and lift them up, especially if they’re having a rough time.” The band touch on important themes and topics in their lyrical content and have admitted their songwriting acts as “a form of therapy” which they now want to be able to offer out to others. “We always try to convey the best outcomes from tough situations and hope that people can relate to it,” They want to “positively influence as many lives as possible with our music.”

“if we could ever get to a stage where we could call it our job to play music then that would be incredible.”

“We want our music to help fuel people day to day,” Dan continued. “Life’s really tough sometimes and if we can be a help to those people that need, either through our music or in any other way then we’ll be happy. I’m a huge Linkin Park fan and those guys got me through so much of a kid. For me personally, if we could follow in their footsteps with our own sound then I’d be happy. It’s just a shame we lost Chester. I’m surprised it took me this long to mention him when talking about music. RIP.”

In the meantime though, the next natural step for Furian is a full length album, and Joe tells us that’s in the pipeline for 2020. “we can’t wait to get out on the road and start playing it,” he said, adding they were also “really looking forward to getting to play again at Eat You Alive festival in Leeds next April.” Festivals are something the band are really keen to get under their belt with Download being the ultimate dream. “If we could find a way to get on that it’d blow our minds,” Dan enthused. “Realistically we’re going to release the album track by track and just hope it catches on but we want to take this as far as we can, even if normal adult life makes it hard sometimes…if we could ever get to a stage where we could call it our job to play music then that would be incredible…we really would like to be full timers and tour the world with our music.”



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