“We shed blood, sweat and tears on stage,” says guitarist Jordan James Fisher of Decay The Ocean. The five piece metalcore outfit from King’s Lynn have certainly come up with some interesting and unique ways to make themselves stand out in what’s essentially a popular and oversaturated scene. “We force the crowd to get involved and to pay attention to us,” he explained of their explosive live shows, with their attitude being to play as they would in an arena, no matter the venue. “We don’t let you just stand around, we will be up in your face, at the bar, in the smoking area, all over the place getting your attention, and we do this better than anyone else.”

The band are certainly passionate in their art and have full faith and belief in their abilities, a drive which will take them far in the industry. “When we write together, magic happens,” Jordan enthused. “We push each others limits but in a good way, always testing ourselves.”

“we’re a support group for each other”

They seem like a tight and close group of friends, and they described themselves as “family.” It’s something which helps focus them and keep them pushing onwards. “We’re a support group for each other,” said bass player David Betts. “We gel together better than you can imagine. Sure, families fight, but this family is unbreakable…these guys are my brothers and I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

Although they draw inspirations and influences from the likes of Architects and Killswitch Engage, they still believe they bring something new. “We don’t try to recreate anything,” explained lead guitarist Harri Coley. “You may hear a hint of our influences…[but] I think when we write together it can make for some very original ideas.” They want to keep things as “raw and organic” as they can and just write what they want to write. “That will never change,” said Harri, and the band take influences from all areas of life as vocalist Mike Jenkins explained. “I take my life experiences, and try my best to translate them to our music. Every single song we’ve released completely stems from a specific time in my life…when I struggle or I’m going through a dark time, I convert it into positivity by translating those feelings into songs in the hopes that it helps at least 1 person out there experiencing the same feelings as me to know they’re not alone and the storm clouds will eventually pass, because honestly without bands writing lyrics like these I probably wouldn’t be here today.”

“2020 is our make or break…and we have no intentions of breaking.”

The band’s latest single is ‘Wake Up’ a track which Mike described as a “2 pronged attack, with one side being more of a direct message to myself to keep my eyes open when darkness starts to surround me, to always look for the light no matter how hopeless the situation may feel…The other meaning in the song is a little more subtle, directed at people who don’t see what goes on behind closed doors, directed at people who don’t consider the consequences of what they say or do to people, it’s a kind of “wake up call” to mental health to try and open peoples eyes to the seriousness of depression and anxiety.”

With a mix of important topics and issues within their lyrical, technically advanced musical content and a dogged drive and determination and such a unique bond between the band members it seems Decay The Ocean are on to a good thing and are here to stay. They’re ambitious and ready to take their music to the next level, and they’re already promising that 2020 is going to be “bigger, better and more energetic than ever before. 2020 is our make or break,” said drummer Ethan Taylor-Gray. “And we have no intentions of breaking.”









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