RATING: 6/10


Throughout almost ten years, Wolves Like Us have had an unexpected journey in their music career. A handful of shows in and they were offered a contract by Prosthetic Records – that doesn’t happen to everyone in the industry. There must’ve been something that stood out about them, especially when performing live, and so the adventure starts.

Throughout the last nine years, the band have been making records, touring and appearing at festivals such as Groezrock; however, they took a short break not too long ago to focus on their personal lives and their families. Five years later, and they come back stronger than ever with their latest record, ‘Brittle Bones‘. After five years of staying away from music and keeping to themselves, do they still have what it takes with ‘Brittle Bones‘?

Wolves Like Us live on the classic sound of rock

The first snippet they released from the record was the single, ‘Stay Cold’. It highlighted what the band were promising live: the right energy at the right moments. Blending the expectations of rock with slight elements of metal, it’s not the heaviest of sounds but it’s one that would surely be likeable for alternative fans. An overall pleaser, possibly, with a melodic sound that gives a good and fairly accurate indication of the direction the record is going in. It seems Wolves Like Us live on the classic sound of rock; a sound that goes back further than their formation and almost certainly played a part in influencing their sound and style altogether.

This sound is used throughout the rest of the record, and while used well, it does beg the question. How could they have made this more unique and personal? In tracks such as ‘Ash Wednesday’, it’s obvious they know how to use rock to their advantage but it’s lacking that personal touch. It’s something that can’t be easily described, but easily heard and felt. But don’t let this get in the way of the fact that Wolves Like Us are talented musicians and have definitely brought what they brought to the stage all those years ago to get themselves signed in the first place.

“be excited for what they’ve got planned next.”

There may be a difference when seeing the band live, instead of listening to studio recordings; the beauty of music is the situation and the location can have that impact on how music is heard and felt within the heart. Either way, the record is still an exciting one musically. It’s nothing new, but it’s nothing boring or tiring – the right audience will never get bored of rock music at its purest – and is still catchy and memorable. Nevertheless, there could be an improvement on making it more personal, more their own style, so it can be heard and fans can have that “yes, it’s them” moment with the band. That’s something many acts wish to have; that recognition within the first few seconds of a song, or the first track or two of a record. It can take time, and of course to factor in the band’s hiatus, it may take them some extra time also. But there’s potential. There’s always potential.

Wolves Like Us are one of the most electric rock bands from Europe, and they know what they’re doing. The personality will blend in over time, so be excited for what they’ve got planned next.



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