RATING: 8.5/10


Melbourne outfit Thornhill have never shown any signs of stopping or changing what it was about their music that made it theirs as time goes by. Some bands go down lanes and avenues that divert greatly from what made them who they are and gave them the following they have; with Thornhill, any changes and differences were natural and not too far from what came before. With ‘The Dark Pool’, Thornhill are stepping up their metalcore game once again and proving that they are one of the most exciting acts within the genre.

The band used their first single, ‘Coven’ to bridge the gap between their 2018 EP, ‘Butterfly’ and ‘The Dark Pool’ and with it being one that shows off their energy and versatility – singularly and as a collective – it was a clever choice. A leading single will always be what introduces fans and new listeners to what the band are working on currently, and it could be a make or break situation for some. However, with Thornhill, it only shows their development and improvement within the industry and that they’re not done exciting the crowd. From the shift in styles with vocalist Jacob Charlton’s voice, to the vocal distortions, the mood within shifts and twists – but suitably, and not in a way to pull in the audience just for the sake of it. It sparks a supernatural feel and it’s fun, it’s exotic, yet it’s still true to what Thornhill work to deliver to the world. It’s from their hearts and worked through their heads.

“proving that they are one of the most exciting acts within the genre.”

A single to build the tension from the very moment the record was announced, and placed within the middle of the listing? What lies at the start and the end of this journey then?

Nearer the beginning was another single, ‘Nurture’. Overly energetic to the right levels, with excellent guitar and drums being used alongside each other. With Charlton’s vocals, he balances the extremities of being soft and being loud: capturing the turns taken between one’s innermost thoughts and external reactions. A dramatic and catchy number, it was a wise decision to make this a single to promote the record because many will hear this and want to hear way more based on the sensations, they experience from this.

The Dark Pool’ winds down with ‘Where We Go When We Die’ – such a fitting title for the last song. A five-minute chapter to close the story, there are softer and slower parts that break up the track and switch it up for its end. It doesn’t stray too far from the heavy sounds found throughout the record, which is appreciated, but the softened touches are welcome.

“a determined metalcore group who only get better as they work.”

Finishing with themes of hope, love and faith, ‘The Dark Pool’ is another wonderful effort from Thornhill. For their debut full-length, their talents all shone through in every song and was a fascinating example of what they’ve been perfecting over the years and what’s been developing beyond their singles and their EPs.

Thornhill are an example of a determined metalcore group who only get better as they work, play and mature throughout their career. As they grow bigger and they only get better, this is what it all comes back to and where history was made for them. Good luck for the future!




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