RATING: 8/10


Hailing from Columbus Ohio, four-piece metalcore band Like Moths To Flames have released a three-track EP titled ‘Where The Light Refuses To Go’, and after their 2017 full-length album ‘Dark Divine’ it’s been a two year wait for fans to hear some new music.

They’ve had a fantastic run so far and have been given the opportunity to tour alongside bands such as All That Remains, The Devil Wears Prada and Memphis May Fire. After parting ways with Rise Records earlier this year, they have now released their new anthology through UNFD, this EP gives them a clean slate and a chance to make some fresh and revised music.

“this EP gives them a clean slate and a chance to make some fresh and revised music.”

It seems to have followed on from previous collection ‘Dark Divine’ however the level of heaviness actually got kicked up a notch. The opener ‘All That You Lost’ really sets the tone, it has gut wrenching screams, killer guitar riffs, and not to mention the mental breakdowns. But not only were there brutal screams, there were enchanting melodies, and it all went so well together. This track was the first to get a music video, which purely shows what these guys are all about; they want to create something that’s chaotic and has an impact on the listeners and they certainly did that.

The following track ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ starts off with the soft melody and then within seconds the intense screams take over, it’s the type of vocal changes that give you goosebumps when you listen. The guitar riffs in this track really make it come to life that little bit more, giving it that real metalcore sound and not to mention the powerful drum beats. Overall this song has such an impact. It shows emotion, creativity with song-writing and most importantly when fans listen to the words that seep through, they can relate.

“it definitely opens doors to many more opportunities for the banD.”

Closing track ‘Into The Black’ is refreshing, it’s different and most importantly it shows that they aren’t afraid of change. It goes in and out of massively heavy verses and suspenseful choruses. Still having their same sound, but delving into something else and it’s paid off for sure.

‘Where The Light Refuses To Go’ is short but that’s just how it needed to be, it just needed to say that they’re back and give their listeners a taste of what’s to come. It’s something that will welcome new fans but still please the older ones, it definitely opens doors to many more opportunities for the band and what they’re going to do next. With any band it’s always a positive when they go in a different direction but don’t lose sight of who they are.



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