RATING: 8/10


Counterparts have spent over a decade together – having formed in 2007 – and have been nothing short of consistent ever since. Now, on this, their latest ten-track album titled ‘Nothing Left To Love’, they’re showing they can offer diversity simply by being themselves and unlike any other generic hardcore group competing in what is an evergrowing industry.

Starting off with the slightly shorter track ‘Love Me’, they give an insight into what this band are about – their heavy, distinct sound, and in such a short amount of time it grips the listener straight away. An infectious track with overpowering vocals and instrumentation, showing their fan base what they can do from the offset. A great start.

unlike any other generic hardcore group

Counterparts have always been a band that put the honest topics of depression, heartbreak and self-destruction out there and turn them into powerful lyrics and this album’s no exception. Offering the listener various type of emotion and content with lyrics that really tug on the heartstrings – “Will you love me when there’s nothing left to love” – emphasising the struggles and depressive tendencies that can overpower an individual. They’re putting out something that a lot of people can relate to.

‘Paradise and Plague’ is a stand out track with its thrilling chorus sending shivers down your spine, that intense tone of voice, raw emotion seeping through as the aggressive screams and instrumentals fill the air with so much power to completely top off the track. ‘Cherished’ is one that sounds similar to a previous song ‘The Disconnect’, sharing that same overall sound that’s a bit more rugged than the rest; it’s very stripped back and it’s interesting to hear that side of that band while still giving that heap load of emotion that consumes you as you listen, another thing this band does well.

“They’ve pushed the boat out, and opened up a new area of sound that may pave the way and open doors for other new listeners to come find their music..”

Title track ‘Nothing Left To Love’ concludes the anthology, this one is definitely a stand out and while it’s the perfect way to end it, also leaves the listener wanting more – it’s a shame it’s all over. This track sounds different, with the vocals showing off more of a low-pitched sound that’s calming to listen to. It really sets itself aside from the normal intense vocals that take place in previous tracks making it a powerful and unique ending to the record.

Counterparts have created something that their fans will for sure be proud of and they should be too. They’ve pushed the boat out, and opened up a new area of sound that may pave the way and open doors for other new listeners to come find their music. They’ve proved they can offer diversity, that they can go from a heavy suspenseful sound to something more subtle and composed. It’s always so refreshing when not everything sounds the same and you can delve into a variety of sounds; that’s what the music industry thrives on nowadays and that’s what the audience likes to hear.




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