In a world where we’re in outdated with live show and tour listings it’s sometimes the artwork itself that can make us look twice.

No strangers to taking the word ‘art’ to a whole new level. Whether it’s through putting on DIY shows (literally building the venues), consistent reels of film being shot when on the road with the band constantly strapped up with a 35mm camera, or actually taking to the streets of San Francisco to create a full art show, it seems that these artists never fail to make us look twice in their direction.

Having recently taken to the road with TIGERS JAW and THE MENZINGERS, it seems that there truly is never any down time for Culture Abuse, and the outcome this time? Well if you were to check the Instagram accounts of any of the Californians you’ll see them participating in posting the top 10 records that changed their lives… and so what better way to promote their upcoming shows then to re-appropriate the artwork into a new show flyer?

“They were born from being restless and bored on some of the drives.” Comments Shane to Discovered. “But also they are fun to make! I make them all on my phone using a couple PS apps…”

And whilst they may only be edited on the phone they are pretty damn impressive and almost recognisable considering…





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