Having received a huge amount of recognition recently from the likes of BBC Introducing and various online and print titles, three-piece alt rock band Lake Acacia are obviously moving in the right direction. “We’ve worked hard to try and create good quality music,” the band commented. “To be noticed and talked about by people such as BBC Introducing is really humbling.”

The Oxford trio, who describe their music as a combination of “Filthy riffs, big choruses and three part harmonies” at the heart of it are off on tour with Mallory Knox this October, another important step in their career they’re hyped about. Being a small up and coming band, they understand and appreciate how important and crucial it is for bigger bands like Mallory to take them on tour. It’s something they would be quick to reciprocate if they were to be in that position in the future. “It feels like everything we’ve done is just to get to this point,” they said. “So we would support smaller all the way and get them on our shows. It’s important to get smaller up and coming bands on bigger shows because there’s lots of talent out there that no one knows about.”

“It feels like everything we’ve done is just to get to this point”

The band dropped EP ‘Broken Circuits’ earlier this year but are already working on new material, constantly writing to keep up with the eager demands of the modern day consumable internet age. ‘When you release something it’s so easily forgotten because there is so much floating around on the internet,” they remarked, and this is especially true in the ‘rock’ world they so often get categorized under, having sometimes been compared to the likes of Royal Blood, Don Broco and Muse. These days, however, there seems to be a weird perception around the word ‘rock’. Bands don’t like to categorise themselves under the rock moniker, almost like it’s become a dirty word. “We’re not entirely sure why people get mocked for being in a rock band,” the guys said. “Maybe people think you’re trying to be like the bands you mentioned in the question…With our music it contains elements that we’ve taken from other genres mixed with rock, so in a way we’re helping to bring back it’s reputation in terms of you don’t know what to expect before listening to a rock band.”

Genres can of course, be limiting, and many bands find they take a mix of different genres under their umbrella or even, which has become more common, make up their own completely new genre or label. Laka Acacia recognize the pros and cons of this method. “It’s good to keep an open mind and try to create something that blends more than one genre together to create a more unique sound,” they said. “However, it may be harder to get in front of that audience which is suited to your sound because it’s a bit more ‘out there’.”

“We put a lot of effort into our live shows and try to really captivate the audience”

Regardless of how others categorise them or how they categorise themselves, Lake Acacia are the words on everyone’s lips right now and have a unique sound that brings something different to the table. “We feel like it gives lots of different people sections that they’ll like listening to and relate to…A big feature of our music is the 3-part harmonies in which you don’t find a lot of in alt rock. We also put a lot of effort into our live shows and try to really captivate the audience right from the start and make it a show that they would come to again.”

Check out their EP ‘Broken Circuits’ out now.








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