“If ever there was a band that was the underdog, Dayseeker would be that band”. Forming back in 2012, although Dayseeker may believe being an underdog in music is “a big compliment”, they’re always hoping for more. “We have this solid core fanbase that is incredibly devoted and supported,” they told us. “But I think we’re also hungry to get to a level where that fanbase is a lot bigger and we’re no longer referred to as criminally underrated in the scene.”

Hopefully they won’t stay the ‘undiscovered’ underdog for too long though, as they seem to rising higher and higher within the industry at the moment. Over the years, fans may have seen Dayseeker touring in support of such fantastic bands such as Palisades and The Color Morale – and even the band themselves are amazed. “We’re big fans of their music overall,” they said, adding: “Everyone wants to take care of each other and just have a blast in the process.”

And did these bands offer any pearls of wisdom? Well… “Honestly, not really.” But that being said, they didn’t leave without any lessons learnt: “I will say there’s a lot of value in working with honest, decent people who believe in what you’re doing.”

“there’s a lot of value in working with honest, decent people who believe in what you’re doing”

They’re heading back out on the road this year, supporting Wage War. And it seemed that the plans to join these legends on tour have been in the works for quite a while…”We met Wage War on Warped Tour,” the guys told us. “And became great friends…They had actually mentioned a headlining tour in 2019 last year and how they’d love to have us be a part of it as long as scheduling lined up.” Well, it seemed that “the stars aligned” for both acts and the tour is happening.

But when they’re not going around the world, they’re stuck in the studio, working hard and playing harder. The band made waves with their 2017 album, ‘Dreaming is Sinking /// Waking is Rising‘, and have learnt more about their style and their unique voice as a band from this release, “We took a step back and realised that the heavier elements in our music, although very fun to play live, are not what keeps our listeners with us throughout the years.” Since then, they decided to change up their sound while sticking to their “heartfelt content” and “passionate singing and instrumentation” – and thus, ‘Sleeptalk‘ was created.

Sleeptalk‘ is a record that Dayseeker worked hard to add depth and emotion to, which they credit to writing about topics they believe aren’t discussed enough in hardcore music. An example is their track, ‘Starving To Be Empty’: “It tells the story of someone suffering through an eating disorder…how your biggest desire is to keep your body as empty as possible.” With the belief there is this “overwhelming emptiness” in lyrics in hardcore music lately, they want to be that medium that people turn to in their hour of need. “I think most people want something they can grasp and really relate to overall.”

“I think most people want something they can grasp and really relate to overall”

There are many topics that catch the band’s eye, topics they think music tends to shy away from: “Sexual assault, eating disorders, domestic abuse…These people have their own personal struggles they go through and they need support and something to listen to that can relieve their pain.”

Being a collective that visibly puts their all into their work, what could possibly be next? There’s one thing to expect: reimagined tracks. Dayseeker have previously released four reimaged tracks from their ‘Dreaming is Sinking /// Waking is Rising‘, and it seems they got similar plans for ‘Sleeptalk‘ tracks in the future. “We will absolutely do some reimagined stuff for ‘Sleeptalk‘ at some point. The songs are just too good to not recreate in a really interesting way.”

Just working harder, touring more places, writing more music, who knows what the future holds for Dayseeker. If things follow their ideas… it’ll just be doing exactly that. “We’d all just like to be touring more full time, supporting ourselves and our families overall…continuing to play music for the amazing people who support us.”









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