Being in an industry that’s highly competitive with so much new and raw talent entering the music scene daily, trying to create a sound that not only sounds unique but stands out from the crowd and gives fans what they love requires a lot of commitment and passion. There are so many varieties of music, and pop-punk has proven to be a popular one amongst many, with its infectious beats, relatable lyrics, and all-round good vibes. The competition can be tough and it makes it harder with the ever-growing movement of the music industry.

California’s Calmgrove recently entered the music scene in 2018, so they know all about being current. When a band is thinking about putting their style and sound out into the world, a query may arise based around why they choose that specific style, and most of the time it’s because of the bands they’ve listened to growing up. Eric Guzman explains why they decided to be a part of the pop-punk/emo scene rather than choosing another sound. ‘’We grew up playing all genres of music, when we started as a band, we were influenced by a lot of pop-punk bands.’’

“If you’re willing to constantly put the work into the craft, people will start to notice

This band never let negativity get to them and are constantly pushing through with positive energy, being so fresh into the music scene can be a burden but they manage to do it with a smile on their faces and a lot of motivation. Eric touched upon being in the music scene ‘’I personally think it’s a tricky scene to be in.’’ But rather than dwelling on why, he decided to let his positive energy shine through by continuing to say ‘’but if you’re willing to constantly put the work into the craft, people will start to notice!’’ Putting the effort and creativity into something so big and something you love so much is a must, without it there’s no point continuing to thrive, as Eric explained wisely.

The sound isn’t the only important aspect of a band, there is so much more to it and touring plays a big part in any career that a musician is a part of. For some, it can be draining but for others, it can be the biggest highlight of their career, one where everything just feels right. Eric speaks about how important touring is to them as a band. ‘’We started in March of 2018, since then we have met so many friends and fans. Every show has been getting better and better, and we really appreciate anyone who takes the time to catch our set, buy merch and talk to us after.’’

We put our all into the EP and can’t wait for it to be released

Calmgrove shares so much passion for what they do and they do everything in their power to create something their fans will love. Being a band that has just started out, they’ve accomplished a lot on their journey, through touring around California and Arizona, to this year releasing a new EP.

It’s a big deal for any band when they get to release an array of songs to their fans and its hard work should be recognised. Eric gave some details about when we can expect the anthology and what the overall background to it is. ‘’The EP touches on topics such as compromise, conformity, exclusion, losing contact with loved ones, and moving on. The EP showcases our growth and versatility as a band. While writing and recording it, we experimented with different guitar tones, song structures, and vocal ranges. We put our all into the EP and can’t wait for it to be released.’’ There is no exact date for the release just yet, but it’s been confirmed that it will be out in November of this year, so definitely be sure to keep an eye out!





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