RATING: 9/10


Stoke-on-Trent based band In The Cards have released their new EP ‘The Path.’ The four-piece alternative rock group released their first collection ‘Eyes Beyond Reflection’ in 2018, they’ve now gone on to sharing stages with bands such as As It Is, Creeper, Arcane Roots, Mallory Knox, Dream State and Funeral For A Friend and are currently touring in the UK throughout this year.

They share similarities with bands such as Tonight Alive, Pvris and 30 Seconds To Mars. Their latest single ‘Disguise’ was the first track on the anthology to be released with a mesmerising music video.

“…that real alternative rock sound

Opener ‘Disguise’ grips you in within the first second, with a more distorted sound to start with as vocalist Amy Colclough delivers with her fiery high-pitched vocals. With the clash of the drums and the repetitive infectious guitar riffs giving it a real feel-good vibe. Half-way through vocalist Danny Jones takes over with his soothing vocals to completely top the track off. It’s the best one to start with as it’s energetic, upbeat, shows a lot of diversity and is sure to be loved by their audience!

Throughout the next track ‘Define Me’ the compelling sound of both vocalists intertwines together in the chorus to create an even more powerful duet. This one has a bit more of a heavier aspect overall, with the suspenseful background noise and the chaotic instrumentals that follow to the end.

‘Thoughts Colliding’ is the one that can be compared to Tonight Alive’s ‘Lonely Girl’ the vocals are so much like Jenna McDougalls, you can’t help but fall in love with them, they’re enchanting and calming and make you feel good. Later on, leading into the uplifting chorus they embrace a higher vocal range, not to mention the killer instrumentals which give it that real alternative rock sound.

In The Cards have created something that 2019 needed

‘Hope Not Wisdom’ is a more toned down track, it shows more raw emotion and feeling behind the vocals to start with, as this eerie noise builds up in the background with a hard-hitting drum beat to build the tension, showing the assortment of styles that they can create.

In The Cards have created something that 2019 needed, it gives a fresh dose of female-fronted alternative rock, something that isn’t as popular as it used to be. They really show diversity throughout their sound with how well they can combine two completely different vocal ranges to create something that is pleasant to listen too. The way that it goes from a slower pace to a more vigorous sound, proves that they can embrace different styles and that’s really important for bands especially when the music industry is growing more and more each day.




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