RATING: 8/10


Originally starting out as a Christian metalcore band, Gideon, who hail from the deep South (Tuscaloosa, Alabama to be precise), aren’t what you might expect. Having slowly moved away from the confines of being categorised with other faith-based groups over their last couple of albums they’re back with fifth full length ‘Out Of Control’ which sees them produce some of their rawest and most honest content yet.

Their background and home state has invariably influenced their experiences, songwriting and subject matters a great deal but it’s encouraging to see them embrace it here rather than shy away from it all while addressing the many problems and issues that upbringing perhaps left them with. On tracks like ‘SOUTHWIND’ and ‘out of control’ Gideon discuss those issues directly while also creating their own modern anthems for the south, the latter track literally screaming out the names of Southern states followed by “there’s a fire burning in my bones”.

“some of their rawest and most honest content yet

Other apparent influences – aside from their hometown – are more obvious on tracks like ‘LOW LIFE’ and ‘TAKE ME’, both of which have a very obvious nu-metal sound to them. Some of these songs are pretty old school but with fresh production bringing it up to date. The band have spoken about being influenced by Andre3000 who made a comment at the Source Awards way back in 1995 that “the South’s got something to say”. They use the quote directly in ‘out of control’ and this hip hop reference isn’t unusual in the context of Gideon. It’s not merely the nu-metal type tracks where it becomes apparent, but check out ‘STYLE’ for example, an instrumental right in the middle of the album which could very easily be rapped over and has a genuine hip hop vibe to it.

Many of these songs carry more of a hardcore and beatdown style than the original metalcore moniker but that really works for Gideon and certain tracks combine all the aforementioned styles in one song – such as ‘LIFE WITHOUT’ – which is not only heavy as hell but also pretty emotional. The melody is haunting and hits you in the chest, playing with the heart strings while the gut-wrenching screams and high tempo moments dance between hardcore and nu-metal, resulting in a beautiful amalgamation.

“Lyrically there’s so much to pick up on and analyse on the record to do it justice”

Ending on the dirty, heavy and nasty ‘BITE DOWN’, the album finishes on a high and almost immediately begs for a replay. Lyrically there’s so much to pick up on and analyse on the record to do it justice and there’s enough musical thrills to warrant it.

Overall, the album is definitely an exciting one. It mixes up the different styles and sounds to great effect. The band do it with ease, like they know what they’re doing. The songwriting and construction is slick and tight, the production professional and the future certainly looks bright for Gideon now they’ve found the new direction they want to move in. This works for them.



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