RATING: 7/10


Australian hardcore punk band Deez Nuts have let loose their sixth record in their now twelve year career. This is the band’s best release since 2010 with new ideas, melodies and grooves scattered all over the record, the band have proved they can produce genuine music and not stuck to the same bland tasteless recipe they have relied on in recent years.

This record is everything Deez Nuts was and continues to be, a band that is full of attitude that takes the aggression and passion of hardcore and combines it with a hip-hop persona to give a vigorous personality. Something that the band has always done so well, combing all their influences to give a melting pot of music.

“This record is everything Deez Nuts was and continues to be…”

The first half of this LP brings a side that the band have not particularly given time to in previous efforts. Clean vocals and vocal hooks on the choruses are what truly shine through when this records begins. The opening two tracks contain much of the same standard hardcore punk but the new vocal approach is fantastic to hear, really painting a picture of the swagger this band has more than ever.

The drumming, on the whole record, is genuinely good with hard hitting energy throughout and varied patterns that stay true to the genre while still complementing the new ideas on this record work so well. The Guitar playing is also solid with the fresh riffs and constantly changing structures and huge sounding choruses really shining through, although some of the guitar work is very dull in parts where the guitar really should be intensely heavy, taking away the boldness that is planted earlier parts of songs.

“Deez Nuts really have reevaluated themselves and given a rebirth to their sound”

Standout track ‘Crooked Smile’ is the true highlight, with it summarising every new idea and approach the band have had on this record, this track is sure to make an impact in a live setting and see the band add even more energy to their already great live set. The first half of record ends on a weak note but the second half is where the true talent lies, with the vicious and faithful hardcore side of the band coming out and the punk ethic taking full force, fantastic vocals and more of the same great spirit in every track. It leaves an impression that Deez Nuts really have reevaluated themselves and given a rebirth to their sound to carry them forward in to 2020 and beyond.

With some weak and lazy work from this band in the past few years, this record is a breath of fresh air, a true highlight into how excellent and unique they can be when they put their minds to it. Although much of this record could be improved the band are on their way to truly taking their writing to its peak and have shown that with some true craftsmanship and maintaining their original presence what a unique force Deez Nuts can honestly be. With ‘You got me fucked up’ Deez Nuts have reminded us why they gained such a positive strong following ten years ago while also sparking a new light into the potential this band has in the present day.



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