RATING: 7/10


Birmingham’s three-piece band CREATURE release their new four-track EP titled ‘HOUND.’ Earlier this year, they dropped debut anthology ‘HEX’ that saw the likes of Metal Hammer and Kerrang! give them favourable press and they will be taking their sound to many stages throughout the UK this year for the first time! 

‘HOUND’ is their second EP released through Grey Ghost Records and the collection kicks off with ‘Cold Man’s World’, with its brutal screaming and continuous overpowering drum beats, constantly gripping in the listeners with the intensity of the instrumentals. The suspense begins to build as the savage breakdown hits, everything gets loud and in your face, this opening track definitely proving that they’re a heavy band for sure.


‘Black Dog’ is a bit more slowed down and not as punchy, but it does serve its purpose. The vocals take the wheel in this track, showing off the variety of ranges, going for a more mellow low-pitched sound which is interesting to listen to as most of the songs are a lot heavier. But you do still get a harsher sounding vocal as it gets more chaotic towards the end, showing they can offer diversity.

‘Lifeless’ gives off this crazy energy, showing off who this band are as a whole. It’s so revitalising to listen to music when you can tell that pure energy has gone into it, creating something fun to listen to. It doesn’t matter if it’s heavy or pop; what matters is the overall attitude and passion that’s put forward when creating a specific sound and that passion shines through in this track.

shows what they’re all about

‘Fool’s Curse’ ends the collection on a high note, with its electrifying guitar riffs, thunderous drum beats, aggressive vocals and of course not to mention the epic breakdowns, which always follow through in each of these tracks, all managing to sound different in some way yet always chaotic.  

CREATURE has embraced what the music industry has to offer and have been successful. Considering they’ve only just formed this year, they’re continuing to thrive. If there was something they could improve on or that would be more intriguing to listen to, it would be if they incorporated more of the style of vocals that shine through in the second track, as that was the biggest highlight. Even though it’s only a short collection, it still shows what they’re all about and what they can offer to their fans through their sound.



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