Discovered are pleased to premier the brand new single from A CONSTANT KNOWLEDGE OF DEATH – ‘Ouroboros’.

‘Ouroboros’ is off the band’s latest album ‘Vol. III.d: Impermanence’, their fourth (and final) album of the year, which is due out everywhere Nov 22nd. (Pre-orders available here:

Check it out here:

Speaking about the album itself, the band had this to say:
‘Vol. III.d: Impermanence’ is a personal reflection on the destructive spiral of sorrow, solitude and narcissism amplified by today‚Äôs digital age. In the panopticon of social media, we are both the observer and prisoner. We are seemingly more connected than ever, yet feel more disconnected. We try to capture fleeting moments of happiness in hopes that we get enough likes, or get that one person to like, to get that hit of dopamine. This false sense of permanence captures our hedonism and narcissism in full, barren view. It creates a toxic cycle that feeds on jealousy, lust, self-hatred and other negative emotions, and reinforces the idea that you will never be good enough. Ironically, in our quest to capture every moment and archive it all, everything gets lost in endless white noise. Our attempts are futile, for we cannot escape the inevitable impermanence. Reinforced with cold guitars, distorted bass, electronic drums and harsh noise, this album brings a cold, dark and industrial sound to supplement the cold, dark, industrial world in which we live.”

Watch out for our final interview with the band next month…



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