MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE are making this a Halloween to remember by giving the world a shock with online activity!

Tonight, the official Twitter account updated with a new profile picture: a candle. Black and white. With a small piece of text saying, “Clarity”. Interesting.

And that’s not it! The band have also appeared to have created an Instagram account, with the same profile picture and posted a story. Featuring a similarly styled sketch but of a hand, with another piece of text saying “Courage”. Curiouser.

And yet again, minutes later, there’s a third photo, saying “Sacrifice”. The world is scared and excited at the same time!

The fourth update for the Instagram story seems to be an upside-down sun, with the word, “Devotion”.

Just as the world thought it was over, there was one more update: a new logo! So what does this mean for My Chemical Romance?

So let’s see what happens next – fingers crossed!



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