You couldn’t have gone anywhere without seeing at least one person talk about CREEPER. The British punk band has had such an impact over the last few years; but their future was questioned when they had announced their split on 1st November 2018.

After silence for over ten months on their social media, on 28th September the band’s official Twitter account tweeted out an hourglass emoji with no other words or context. This sent fans into overdrive, and people were looking for more signs that this was indeed a revival for Creeper.

Enter Fugitives of Heaven.

A brand new mysterious band called Fugitives of Heaven popped up online – and to add to the mystery, this band was suddenly selling tickets for a show at London’s 229. What made people think this band was Creeper in disguise? The main reason was fans were noting that this London show is on 1st November 2019 – exactly one year since the announcement of their split.

It was a case of waiting and seeing once again – but all became clear the following day. On 29th September, the official Creeper Twitter account changed its display name to “FUGITIVES OF HEAVEN” and tweeted out an image with the new band’s logo and the date and venue of this London show with the caption: “NOVEMBER 1st. NO ONE FORGIVES.” Along with a link to purchase tickets.

So that’s it: Creeper were back! They just gave themselves a new name and new look, and are preparing for a new era.

Not long after this big reveal, they tweeted once again: “to the six hundred and twenty of you who made it, see you shortly alongside @staticdress” – announcing to the world they have sold out this highly anticipated London show, where they will be supported by the band Static Dress.

That’s all the news from the Creeper/Fugitives of Heaven world so far! As this London show gets closer, hopefully more will be revealed about the sudden reunion and what the band will be giving the world this time round. Keep watching!



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