“Yelling and banging on stuff with some sweet guitar riffs”, Absence Of Despair are Rhode Island’s latest metal export and although they’ve been around a few years, are now really starting to make an impact outside of their hometown. “We’ve traveled throughout all of North America, as far west, south, and north that you possibly can. There are only very few states here that we’ve not played in,” bassist Rob Bryant told us about their touring ventures. “We want to be the first band to play in outer space!” he added. Aiming big then? Vocalist Joe Reynolds would certainly agree. “We want to rule airwaves with our metal,” he enthused. “Then we will unite all people and move forward towards the stars together. Conquering the radio of each solar system until the whole universe is united as one giant metal family.”

When they’re not too busy plotting world domination though, Absence Of Despair can usually be found busy in the studio, or passing Logic demos back and forth to piece together latest album ‘Desolate’. “We took a new approach as a band writing Desolate, we all wrote using the digital recording software Logic. I would write a riff and program the rough ideas for a drum beat and just email it to the band…we would get together 3 times a week to hash out what sounded best as a whole,” guitarist Dillon Desimone told us. “…literally we smoked a lot of hash. We’d bounce ideas around for hours in the jam room focused, laughing, arguing, but most importantly, constantly searching for the best hook.”

“We want to rule airwaves with our metal”

The hooks are certainly pretty huge on ‘Desolate’, an album which took “just about a year” to create and is a little different from their previous output. “Our new sound is ferocious and unforgiving,” guitarist & vocalist Tyler Caruso said. “All of our past albums were in a much higher guitar tuning as well. With ‘Desolate’, we really honed in on matching…making sure the music and lyrics both spoke to you and made you feel some type of way…We’ve all grown as people and musicians. All of us have become stronger and more efficient songwriters. Over the years we’ve learned and grown so much from experiences such as touring, business decisions etc. Never stop evolving.”

Most of the band have all known each other “for a while now”, as singer Joe told us. “Mikey came to us I think a couple years ago now. We were in the market for a drummer and he found us. I’ve been in the band for over five years now I’m pretty sure, but I remember that I had a mutual friend with guys in AOD and I asked him if he knew any bands that were looking for a vocalist. Sure enough he sent me their info and I hit them up.”

“We are pretty fortunate in Rhode island,” he said of their home town. “We have a pretty good community of venues promoters and bands who all reach out for each other. The live music scene is alive and well, of course there’s always room to grow….Everyone should be supporting their local music scene. There are so many insanely talented people in the world, get out there and listen for yourself. I have been truly blessed to have been able to travel and play with so many sick bands. Go to a show, buy a shirt, enjoy some tunes.”

“Absence Of Despair is about good times and never giving up”

As for Absence Of Despair though, they just want people “to be happy”, as Joe explained when asked about the kind of themes and topics he wants to put across through the music. “Have fun do things that make you happy. Life can throw endless trials at you but Absence Of Despair is about good times and never giving up….We’re always laughing having a good time and ‘absence of despair’ is a good way to describe us as people…I get inspired by everything,” he added. “People, places…actually there is a bunch of anime, video game and movie references on ‘Desolate’. Check it out.”

Now the album’s out, the band are “definitely hitting the road,” as Rob told us. “And getting back to our fans who have been patiently waiting for us to drop this album. Touring is a huge part of what we love about being in this band. Meeting people and experiencing all the different places and crazy shit that seems to just automatically happen to us when we travel.” But after that, they’re already planning to “get back into the studio to track another album. This album hasn’t even seen the light of day yet, but a few of us are already flourishing with ideas for new music.” We hope to see these guys on UK shores soon.







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