RATING: 7/10


Hailing from Texas, the hardcore inspired Creeping Death unleashes their full-length debut ‘Wretched Illusions’ this Friday. The band have previously released two EP’s ‘Specter of War (2018) and Sacrament of Death (2016). That both received praise, but it’s the launching ‘Wretched Illusions’ that has landed them on the stage, touring all over America.

Creeping Death creates music that has the same elements from bands such as Bolt Thrower, Sepultura and Grave, all of which know how to use their iconic classic death metal sound to create some thrilling music.

The hardcore scene is full of competition and many times bands are releasing albums all over, some better than others. But when you’re a band that label yourself as a specific genre, competition can be a struggle. However, when looking at certain musicians thinking about what they can offer to their listeners is what sets them apart. Fair enough Creeping Death are in a generic genre of music, but when they add a big dose of Texan sound, it’s hard not to listen.

“when they add a big dose of Texan sound, it’s hard not to listen..”

Kicking off the anthology is ‘Ripping Through Flesh’ with a rather haunting introduction with the eerie background sound, giving of major horror movie vibes. Leading into the thunderous drum solos whilst intertwining the sound of killer electric riffs and not to mention the deathly vocals. ‘Bloodlust Contamination’ comes with an insane music video that shows what this band are all about. Lots of chains, chaos, aggression and flames of course.

Many tracks follow a lingering tempo and that comes crashing in with ‘Wretched Illusions’ with deep growls, and deathly screams. ‘Dawn of Time’ has brutal guitar riffs that overpower the whole track, giving it that obscene sound. Ending the album is ‘Consumed’ giving its audience pure destruction and insanity, with the gut wrenching screams, then ending with the same eerie sound as the beginning track.

“an album that’s filled with pure rage, some killer vocals and infectious instrumentals”

Sometimes with this kind of genre it can be repetitive and there isn’t a track that stands out from the rest, and this was sometimes the case within this debut. A lot of the songs had the same tone of scream, similar instrumentals, it would have been better to listen to something that sounded a little different. Of course, not taking away from their signature sound but just a little twist, competing in the metal industry is difficult and sometimes something that offers variety is what a band needs to stay in the game.

They really know how to show off their unique take on their own heavy metal sound and it’s interesting to listen too. If you like an album that’s filled with pure rage, some killer vocals and infectious instrumentals, this one is for you. Creeping Death are a band worth checking out for sure!






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