Since forming fourteen years ago in 2005, Cardiff’s Brutality Will Prevail have witnessed changes on all levels, from their members to the scene that they have consistently been a part of. 2019 brings a new full length record and with it this band certainly plan to remind us why they have been relentless, relevant and ruthless in carving their name in every avenue of Hardcore.

This discussion with vocalist Lou Gauthier started off with the expression of a desire to cement the uniqueness of the band’s music. “A genre is only confined if the band let their selves be confined, bands like Converge and Shipwreck AD use so many different influences and don’t let the confines of what Hardcore ‘should sound like’ box them in”. After being heavy weights in the UK and Euro circuit for many years, the Welsh outfit have seen the scene fluctuate year after year. A true artist knows the importance of not being pigeonholed, expressing themselves through their own unique voice and staying true to where their heart first became attached to the identity and community of their craft, while furthermore evolving in to a progressive force that still continues to have their name in lights.

“A genre is only confined if the band let their selves be confined”

Fourteen years is a substantial amount of time to be involved in any movement, especially what was once such a niche community such as the UK Hardcore scene. However with the genre seeing more rapid growth than ever in recent years Gauthier feels it is important not to specifically recycle what put them on the map in the first place, but to remind everyone why they struck a match that is still burning today. ”More bands than ever are killing it on record but once all the studio effects and programming isn’t there anymore they fall apart. We have always written, recorded and performed our songs with the same mentality and are always mindful of what we can pull off live”.

Showing the raw D.I.Y ethic still lives as strong today as when it was planted in 2005 and spreading this message and mentality earns the respect of new fans to the genre, by showcasing a fierce live ability as well as producing the same energy when listening through headphones. It is clear that BWP are invested in a mind-set that saw them earn success, while progressing forward in to boundaries that will take the listener outside the normality of the genre, and while still remaining loyal to the foundations of this band all those years ago.

Even after taking a Hiatus for some time out, the love and passion never died and was even more of a reason for the band to return. “Now D.I.Y music doesn’t need an industry to thrive as there are so many avenues to push yourself directly to your fans and that’s an amazing thing”. Even with such a change to the music industry during their break the band still know their music will be something past fans and newcomers will support. Since their return the band have found a new life for their music and are still wanting to expand Brutality Will Prevails output and legacy while still keeping the same bond with their fans and the genre.

“We have a system that just works every time for what we want to achieve”

Brutality Will Prevail are still committed as ever and show no signs of slowing down. “We have a system that just works every time for what we want to achieve”. If something isn’t broken, don’t fix it, with BWP playing ruthless and energetic live shows all across Europe and the UK for well over a decade it is clear the system Gauthier mentions has been producing success at quite a substantial rate. The album on the horizon is confidently filled with this formula, while incorporating new influences from many angles.

BWP are sure to set fire to the Hardcore world once again and branch out an audience that in modern age wants nothing more than a traditional punk explosion while adding a creative edge and whole new atmosphere that opens more doors than ever before. Brutality Will Prevail are set to bring new elements to the table, while doing what we know they do best, the anticipation of the new record is rising and so is the bar in the current scene, this record is set to give us all a taste and a much needed reminder of why this band earned a status to keep them alive for fourteen years and why this talented welsh outfit are planning to stay for much longer.




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