A London based rock band fusing heavy riffs with melodic blues-inspired licks, TIDES are beginning to make a few waves – get it? – despite the recent setback of losing a drummer. “Ryan left this year and moved to Australia, which has made practices with him rather hard,” quipped lead guitarist Lawrence Hall. They’re not letting that slow them down though, with the release of new single ‘Under This Sun’. “I was inspired to write the lyrics after discovering some nasty truths about the CEO of a place I was working at a while ago,” lead vocalist and guitarist Evelyn May told us. “He’s a hugely influential Tory donor who contributes to the party’s power despite remaining fairly anonymous, and participates in very unethical business practices.”

Quite a political song then, but as Evelyn explained, the band “tend to write about more serious topics as well as difficult personal experiences.”
“Generally, I think politics is just so dramatic now, it’s very heavy on everyone’s minds,” added bassist Bill Muxworthy. “It’s dividing people, making them angry, depressed, anxious. So, it’s become a very healthy resource for meaningful songwriting inspiration. I mean, it always has been, but I think now more than ever.”

“I want there to be meaning in what I say if other people are listening,” Evelyn continued. “I’ve written a number of songs about feminism, discrimination, challenging the status quo and my issues with religion for example… having purpose in the lyrics is a big part of our songwriting.”

“I want there to be meaning in what I say if other people are listening”

The band have been playing together for “a few years” now and undoubtedly have learnt some things and grown along the way, most importantly, as Bill pointed out, “that the stages in most venues are as hot as the surface of the sun. We are always sweating buckets after playing a show. Drink lots of water, guys!”

Lawrence reflected, “there has been a good deal of change in our personal lives. Life has a tendency to get in the way sometimes, but we all love the band and love making music together.” And they’ve certainly had a lot of highlights along the way, including recording the last two singles. “It was great to see them develop from a little riff idea to a good quality production,” Bill told us, with Lawrence adding that his career low point so far was “meeting Bill.”
It was clear the band have a lot of great banter between them, which is always a good start to a hopefully long career.

“That’s what it’s all about for us, writing music and performing.”

Musically then, for those interested in checking these guys out, TIDES have described their current sound as “more aggressive” than their previous EP with a “prog metal/punk vibe”.

“We pushed the boat out a little with the writing of it,” said Bill. “We all love playing with unusual time signatures and generally trying something quite different. Our first EP, ‘Inventing Lives’, I think that was a little more standard hard rock, with a few odd timings thrown in. So, I guess we leaned into this a bit more.”

They’re currently working on “a load of new ideas” and plan to return to live shows in Autumn. “We’re definitely ambitious…constantly looking at new ways to reach new audiences and play new venues,” said Bill. “That’s what it’s all about for us, writing music and performing. We’d love to be touring, playing more gigs around the country… and beyond!”







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