RATING: 9/10


THECITYISOURS is a five-piece band from London, making music they describe as melodic metalcore and they’ve just dropped their new eleven-track album titled ‘Low.’ Trust us, you’re going to be having this one on repeat, because yes, it is really that good. This album takes an introspective look at mental health and self-betterment, combining heartfelt lyrics and melodies with some incredible riffs. It’s a record that is empowering and will make you feel like you can take on the world.

They’ve quickly gained a lot of attention and ever-growing support with their shows and being recognised for their UK underground scene by supporting bands like The World Alive, Our Hollow, Our Home, Betraying the Martyrs and many more. These guys are ones to listen to if you have an interest in Parkway Drive, Bullet for My Valentine and Bury Tomorrow as they all share some similarities.

“It’s a record that is empowering and will make you feel like you can take on the world”

Kicking off the album with the song ‘Ashes,’ it begins with a slow calming acoustic guitar riff, then a roar of vocals kicks in as they take you by surprise for a heavy turn filled with crazy guitar riffs and a lot of screaming. It’s the best way to open an album and a strong start which leads straight into next track ‘Bare Bones’, this one completely skipping the calming guitar riffs and going straight into the vicious vocals, chanting and an infectious beat that tops off the song.

It’s safe to say this band is one of many talents, with their ranges of vocals from roars to soft, their variety of different guitar riffs and drum beats. There’s not one song on this album that isn’t to like, doesn’t have something to give, and the fact that they’ve shown they can create a variety of unique sounds makes them a lot more interesting to listen to.

A bit of a twist comes with the track ‘Now That You’re Gone’ , dipping the tempo, it’s not the heaviest track on the album but great to listen to, the vocals soothing as they tone it down a tiny bit and strip back and show another side. ‘Don’t Wait For Me’ has an almost techno like beat to start it off, an uplifting track with the vocals a lot softer, more of a chant. And yet somehow they always know how to shock you, starting off nice and relaxed then suddenly this burst of heaviness comes out, taking you from waving your hands to moshing your heart out.

“creative and unique, showing so much potentiaL”

‘Here at All’ ends the album on a high, creating this feeling of suspense, with its ranges of vocals with pure emotion running through them. This song is one that tells a story, one that many could relate to – about mental health and the trauma it has on so many people. It’s a beautiful song with such a meaningful story.

Overall then, this album is creative and unique, showing so much potential, meaningful yet with so much anger within it. The vocals are amazing, and the ranges and variety make the tracks so much more entertaining. The guitar riffs are insane, everything flowing so well and each song has their own style. It’s an album that will be on repeat and loved in years to come.





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