RATING: 9/10


Acres, like many bands, have had a long journey before seeing any deserved recognition. Between losing band members (including the original lead singer), several releases, and extensive touring, Acres has released arguably their best work yet. Their brand new album, “Lonely World”, from A Wolf At Your Door Records, is an honest and emotional collection of tracks that any fan of post-hardcore and heavy alternative rock will love.

Over four years since their current arrangement began, this band hailing from the South Coast, UK finds themselves with a brand new full length album. Consisting of ten tracks, each song is an emotional journey of pain, depression, anxiety, and more. Each track is a recognition of those around them who deal with the aforementioned topics at hand.

Honesty plays a central role in this album. The band emphasizes how important it is not only to the album, but themselves, and this honesty can be heard throughout the entire runtime with the emotionally driven instrumentation that balance the intense vocals, sung by Ben Lumber. The emotion pours through his performance, almost pleading to the listener to hear him, hear what he has to say, but never becoming preachy.

“each song is an emotional journey of pain, depression, anxiety, and more.”

All of this is backed up by the just as invested musicality coming from the remaining members of the band. Alex Freeman and Theo Sandberg play off of Lumber’s vocals through the guitars, adding depth and an ambience to every track. Never overshadowing, but always playing off the vocal melodies to add that extra emotional punch to the gut.

But we can’t leave out the drums, heartfully played by Konnor Bracher-Walsh. If the guitars add more depth and balance out the feelings in a song, the drums act as the emotional switch. Heart pounding and intense when the climax hits, but able to bring things back down when needed. Bracher-Walsh never adds more than is required, allowing every song to flow flawlessly from throughout its given run time.

‘Lonely World’, the title track from the album, is a hauntingly beautiful track that encompasses where this album takes the listener. The ambience that is introduced again and again throughout the album is found in this song. Always present but never overshadowing the rest of the band, this ambience sets the mood for the entire run time. ‘Lonely World’ plays out in a typical manner, a softer verse followed by an intense chorus, but it’s in the bridge of the song where things heat up. Here you can truly see where this band shines. Lumber’s emotionally driven scream vocals fill the void, while the post-hardcore nature of the band peers through with its guitar breakdown and head banging drum groove. The remaining run time of this song continues with the themes laid out, cycling back to the ambient theme found in the beginning, albeit with a bit more added for texture.

“speaks on themes many can relate to, while mirroring the dark and brooding feelings prevalent in the world today.”

Of course, ‘Lonely World’ is just one of ten songs that make up the just under forty minute run time. But limiting yourself to just this one would be a disservice to not only the band, but yourself. While every song keeps with the major themes, tonally and lyrically, each track contains a different element that separates it from the others.

All in all, Acres have created an amazing record. ‘Lonely World’ speaks on themes many can relate to, while mirroring the dark and brooding feelings prevalent in the world today. While there is a limited variety as far as genre-bending is concerned, the album is still a definite must listen to for any fans of the post-hardcore genre. ‘Lonely World’ starts the listener out on an inquisitive note, but ties everything together allowing the entire record to flow easily from start to finish.





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