Words: Jack Mobley  

Desolated are back and with a fresh outlook on the band and the wider aspects of what it means to be in one of the best hardcore bands to grace the British Isles. The beatdown experts have been on a hiatus that saw the London outfit away from the stage and studio for two years while the members explored other projects and goals. Now back with their earth-shattering, “A New Realm Of Misery”, guitarist and vocalist, Richy Unsworth unveils the decision behind the band’s initial split and the thought process in reuniting. Along with this, Richy comments on the state of the scene and the context that Desolated fits in within the thriving hardcore community, and most importantly, what is to be expected from new Desolated material.

“Desolated was never created to be a big deal…”

With the band being back to full strength after two years of a hiatus, Richy talks about the reasons that lead to the decision, revealing that, “It became touring for the sake of touring, too many parties involved in what was best for us. Desolated was never created to be a big deal, it was never created to be managed by people that wanted to make it into something.” Continuing to say that the band was never meant to be a serious project that could lead to some other worldly opportunities, “We just wanted to do our own thing and I think that with all that input just tore it in so many different directions that we just neededto take a step away from it for a while.” But the time away has served the other members to grow as people as well as musicians, “Taking time away from things is always a space to grow, you need to experience other things in life to influence music, if all you are experiencing is touring and some shit 9-5 to pay your rent. It makes it so hard to be inspired to create something unique.” Being unleashed in your element is a lot different to chained down by your craft as Richy states that “I love it now that I am not constantly preoccupied with it and being told to write records. Before I felt trapped in what people expected from me, now it is a way to escape.”

“We made loads of mistakes, in fact we always made mistakes.” 

When it comes to the future of Desolated, Richy shows what can be expected from the new material, “The new material is based around the concept of misery; a new realm misery is now a concept that misery is idolised and both despised simultaneously.” He continues, “There is a war between the two and is misery actually something that should be idolised? should we feel low but yet find peace in that on our social media applications? It’s something that has become extremely confusing for those who are stuck in places that they can’t escape and actually don’t believe there is more than agony.” The lyrics are more thought provoking while the music is some of band’s heaviest work to date, “I guess what you can expect is something lyrically quite provoking, quite confusing and quit misleading. It’s probably the heaviest record we’ve done I think whilst at the same time being quite creative.”

The plans for the future are bright after a rejuvenating break, the band seem fit and raring to go. Lessons have been learned with Richy saying, “We made loads of mistakes, in fact we always made mistakes. But even when we grew up we made mistakes. Guess nothing will ever change that at this point.”

Desolated play Upsurge Festival at the New Cross Inn this weekend. Grab your tickets HERE and check out the full line up below. 





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