Discovered are proud to present, ‘Stay Home’, the brand new single & video from FURIAN, a four piece post-hardcore band based around the Liverpool area who are rapidly gaining fans all over the world with their instantly recognisable and unpredictable emotional rollercoaster sound.

Speaking about the song, the band said “the track is about the struggle of people putting you down in life when you want to achieve great things and change the world. It deals with a broad range of emotions but mainly focuses on uplifting those who have been told that they are not capable of anything more than normality and to play it safe. We’ve always believed that everyone is special in their own way and that everyone has a talent if they’re shown the way. We wanted this track to be a sort of battle cry to those that need a push in the right direction and to help them to realise their reason to keep on going.”

Photo: Paul Fessey

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