The hardcore and metal-core scene is draped in quality as of 2019 and Long Island outfit, Sanction have their hat firmly tossed into ring alongside their peers. With the new album, ‘Broken In Refraction’, set for release it’s certainly going to turn heads. Sanction’s brand of stomping riffs conjoined with earth-shattering riffs spliced with angular guitars to keep the listener on their toes before being hit in the face again and again with another breakdown or riff. Sanction’s lead guitarist and songwriter, Mike, was able to answer questions on the upcoming album and the integral components on what is Sanction.

The aesthetic that Sanction have created has been built on dark tenancies with an agro tone, something the band have been trying to perfect as Mike states, “The Infringement Of God’s Plan was Sanction exploring and figuring out our sound.” He continues, “Broken In Refraction is us perfecting that sound.” With that the band have made a splash into the wider world, releasing their debut album, “Writing a full album for me at least was obviously exhausting, but also a great experience because I found it to be a lot easier and more efficient establishing a message and an aesthetic through eleven tracks as opposed to seven.” But Mike admits that it wasn’t without it’s troubles, albeit a nice headache to contend with, “The only real difficulty we ran into as a band was trying to accomplish everything we wanted to accomplish with the album in the time frame we wanted it done, luckily we were successful.”

“we keep an open mind, we’re essentially a metal-core band with hardcore mentality”

The context of the scene at the moment is important to note with the likes of Knocked Loose, Vein, Code Orange, and Jesus Piece all looking to make a splash with their music. Mike and Sanction are confident that they stand out yet slot in nicely next to their contemporaries. Mike clarifies that “we keep an open mind, we’re essentially a metal-core band with hardcore mentality. I think that puts us in a comfortable spot in the middle of the scene.”

The art of the breakdown is something that all band try at some point, but few are destined to master. Sanction seem to have their formula that is often tweaked to breathe new life into what can become a stale chug when executed poorly. Mike labels the breakdown as the integral component that makes Sanction live, “Mosh parts keep people engaged, the more mosh parts the more engaged everyone is, live or on record.” And good news for fans as the skill of crafting the breakdown is one that has no sign of wavering, saying that “breakdown rhythms usually just come to me naturally.”




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