Throes are the latest Holy Roar Records signing, a five piece noisy metal hardcore type band from Boise, Idaho. Their debut album ‘In The Hands Of An Angry God’ is out now and they’ve been working on it for “about three years” according to vocalist Tyler Squire. They wrote around sixteen songs during that three year process but as bass player Bryce Kresge explained, some of those “made it into the studio for other releases later on, and some never left our rehearsal space and went into the trash.” The writing process for the record varied. “Everyone brings ideas to the table,” Tyler told us. “Most of the time one of us brings a part or a collection of riffs to the group, and then we’ll work on refining those parts and structuring the song as a band until we’ve turned it into something that we’re all satisfied with. It’s definitely a collaborative process.”

“Inspiration tends to come at the most random times,” guitarist Phil Davis agreed. “I think we all try to take advantage of the moments when we are all in sync rather than try and force something that isn’t there, which tends to be a longer process at times. I don’t think we ever sit down, individually, with the intention of writing a complete song, because our process of writing as a group tends to lead us to something far different than the original idea.”

“Inspiration tends to come at the most random times”

In terms of topics and themes that inspire the band and their songwriting, or an overall message they want to put across to the world, Bryce reflected that, “it’s just… life experience, simply put,” said Bryce. “Being part of the world, feeling apart from the world, trying to make sense of people. Existential shit.”

And if you’re wondering what this ‘life experience’ and ‘existential shit’ actually sounds like, Tyler described it as “loud and pissed. And grumpy.”
“We would hope that people can just find something that they can relate to in what we do,” added Bryce. “We’ve put it out into the world now, and how it’s interpreted by others is completely out of our hands.”
“Each of us has our own specific tastes, but dark, heavy music is something that has always resonated with all of us,” Tyler mused. “Our main goal is to write music that we would want to listen to, and if people dig it then that’s a plus.”

“dark, heavy music is something that has always resonated with all of us”

And people obviously do dig it. At least, the guys over at Holy Roar do, and Throes are more than happy to be a part of that team. “It means a lot,” said Bryce. “It means that we have people who believe in and support what we’re doing, without having met us prior, all just based on the music we’ve made. To me that’s really affirming. And so far, the experience has been nothing but smooth sailing. All the people working there are great.”
“We’re really happy with how [the album] turned out,” Phil agreed. “And excited to be working with Holy Roar. So far, the response has been great, people seem to be digging our first single which is all we could hope for.”

Now the album’s out and in the world, the band will be following up with a touring cycle “through the northwestern US and Canada” and also “working on putting out some split releases with some rad bands.” Hopefully we’ll see these guys over on UK shores soon though, as they do have plans to come here. “We’d like to get over to Europe next year, and play some fests in the states…We’re always writing and working on new material, so we’ll be working towards our next release(s).”

‘In The Hands Of An Angry God’ is out now via Holy Roar Records.





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