RATING: 7/10


With the release of ‘Blitz PT 1’, Blackpool’s Strange Bones created a torrent of uncompromising abrasiveness channeled with blistering energy. The punk (ish) 4 piece are far from freshman, with a few drops behind them the guys have cultivated an unflinching reputation as visceral live performers, and daring innovators of a new wave of punk.

Opening track ‘Vicious’ is a visceral grimy attack on what conventional punk should sound like. With lyrics tackling eating Nazis for breakfast, the bold, shamelessness of its heart is still very much there, polished by synthesised beats that prove the track to be truly untameable, and would certainly live up to the feral performance etiquette Strange Bones have become known for.

“a torrent of uncompromising abrasiveness channeled with blistering energy”

This orchestrated mechanical beat down isn’t found on follow up track “Give Me The Sun”. Here the outfit seems to play it a little safe by their standards, going opting for a punchy, racing through and through punk rock track. Sure, it’s a great effort and almost emanates drunken disorderly party vibes, but here Strange Bone’s ballsy, gritty appeal seems to be slightly diluted. This may seem pedantic but the fact I can clearly define what it is has almost made the 2nd outing on the EP ‘less Strange Bones’, they are a band that thrives in the obscurity of genres and possibility.

EP closer 24 Calibre was immediately reminiscent of recent efforts from the likes of Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, with vocalist Bobby Bentham giving an almost strained delivery over electronic beats and catchy hooks. Don’t mistake the catchy approach and occasional horns for a radical change in formula; they all act as embellishments across what is still very much a punk track. Singing gives way to screams and guitars wail across the tracks closing moments.

What Strange Bones have most notably achieved with the release of the Blitz PT 1 is continue to carve out their sonic individuality. Each track across the release is wildly different, whilst each is cohesive with its shared enthusiasm for complete experimentation rooted in what Strange Bones do best.



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