Seven years spent grinding under the tongue-in-cheek moniker Allusondrugs, the newly reinvented Allusinlove have surpassed all expectations and dropped one of the most exciting and enticing albums of the year. Following their self-instigated hiatus, the reaction to their debut full length ‘It’s Okay To Talk’ has been a plethora of praise from all corners of the globe. In conversation with Drey and Jemal, Discovered presents an insight into the rise of the Leeds natives.

“The writing process of this new record was essentially a seven year long process,” Drey began, “we entered our pre-production sessions with 31 songs… and as it was our first album we could literally pick and choose the music from our entire discography… some we had penned for quite a while and others were literally finished off in the studio.” The diversity on this album is not to be overlooked. With such an eclectic mix of songwriting styles and insane sounds woven together with such finesse, it is easy to see that Allusinlove dove in head first with the ambition of making a record that will stand the test of time.

“We wanted to tap into any kind of style we liked the sound of without restriction”

“It became kind of a deliberate thing to be an eclectic band when I noticed that Jason’s and my own writing styles were both changing. We allowed ourselves to be influenced by new music daily and we were falling in love with a variety of new sounds we would have previously dismissed.” Drey continued, “We wanted to tap into any kind of style we liked the sound of without restriction. We were never worried that it wasn’t grunge enough… people were going to like the album or they weren’t, regardless of the content.”

A massive helping hand in this new found self-confidence can be traced back to legendary producer, Catherine Marks (The Amazons, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes). “The huge advantage before you even walk into the studio is the fact that you have a woman in charge of 4 men.” Drey chuckled, “We had a lot to do in a very short space of time. Catherine made some very important calls that helped get the best out of us and made a phenomenal difference to certain songs.”

“…during the fifth or sixth take, she came in and laid on the floor in the middle of us playing live…”

In the ever-humorous manner synonymous with the quartet, Drey recalled, “I remember when we were recording ‘All Good People’ we did it as a live band and it really wasn’t cutting it, so during the fifth or sixth take, she came in and laid on the floor in the middle of us playing live. I still have no idea why she did that, but as soon as she did, we instantly got the take! She just knows what to do.”

One of the biggest challenges facing any innately DIY band is “letting new people into the circle to help us… Doing that for five years builds you up to be a little overprotective of your art!”
“KEEP SUPPORTING LIVE MUSIC!” Jemal chimes in, “Whether it be supporting magazines like Discovered, buying a ticket to a shown grabbing a band’s EP, sharing a band’s song on social media… it all makes a difference!”




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