Beneath the dark swirl of Loser’s second outing lies a heart of truth. The Detroit five-piece first reared up back in 2017 with their debut ‘I’m Not The Same’, and ever since, this self-confessed “testing of boundaries” they’ve returned more focused on what runs deep through their core with follow-up ‘Never Young’.

Bleeding throughout ‘Never Young’ are the sounds of a band with a determined head upon their braced shoulders. “We’ve unapologetically pooled our various influences into something that we all enjoy and excited to represent.” vocalist Alex Stankewitz explains.

“Loser has no sound – it’s a mood.” he states. “I think through different experiences and different perceptive takes on writing we’ll definitely always have a different side to show fans. We really enjoy keeping people on their toes.”

“Loser has no sound – it’s a mood”

From the emotional yearning of ‘Roam’ to the soaring urgency of the titular track, every moment on ‘Never Young’ is churned through a thick, classic nu-metal sound completed by a fresh pulse. It also takes aim at the state of music according to Alex who pointedly says, “We live in an age where bands sound and are packaged exactly the same. I feel that this record is a just a bunch of friends having fun, doing something real, and standing for something real.”

It’s impossible to argue that Loser are anything but real. This culmination of their influences and experiences has given birth to a fully realised album filled to the brim with an energy that’s as cathartic for Loser as it is the world at large. This catharsis that bleeds out is a stringent point made upon all of Loser’s socials with the word ‘psychedelia’ cropping up as a bold statement as opposed to a genre-leaning idea.

“The title ‘psychedelia’ derives from the idea that music is a lot deeper than what you hear,” Alex says. “And finding that ‘nirvana’ through sound is a lot like happiness in its purest form. We write music to take people away from whatever place they may be in, so they can just vibe.”

‘Never Young’ is vibe-central. It’s an out of control storm that batters and bruises you with the best intentions, and as much natural force. “Honestly, a lot of the sounds found on this record were not intentional.” He muses. “Whenever we do something, nothing is off the table. We try and respect the power of possibility…there’s something on the record for everyone. If you want an organic, stripped down glance into a decaying psyche. Listen to this record.”

“We write music to take people away from whatever place they may be in, so they can just vibe”

Most importantly of all, it comes from a place of pure sincerity, there are no disillusionments or false grandiosities. It’s all very much based around a simple idea for Loser. “We just love being able to share our art with others and hope to be able to do so until the end of time. We’re here to stay.”

With such inescapable promise, what it all boils down to is a notion straight from Alex’s concluding dissection of their journey so far;

“I think the most important lesson to be learned from being in a band is to just be yourself and represent what you’re doing in the most honest way you can” He continues. “People might not get it at first, but after awhile you really start to make some worthwhile connections and relationships that make all the grinding worth it.  Don’t be afraid to be different.”



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