In an industry where there’s new talent at every turn, and the pop-punk genre is bringing in new blood at every opportunity, it can be difficult to differentiate one’s own act from the others. Learning such difficulties themselves, American pop-punk act Go For Gold share how they separate their band from the others.

“We set ourselves apart by being genuine and staying ahead of the curve. There’s no hiding who any of us are, how we feel, or what we want,” explained guitarist Jared Williams, who believes being truthful and genuine is the secret behind success: “Music is personal and we’ll continue to approach it that way.”

The group are celebrating the recent release of their debut full-length record, ‘Daydreamer’, and the content seems to follow their personal approach oh so accurately. When asked about the inspiration behind some of the songs, Williams was able to touch upon some of the subject matter explored, especially lyrically. “We hit on relationship issues, mental health, addiction, abuse, and even some old feelings that we don’t necessarily have anymore….Writing lyrics is definitely a cathartic experience for us. We want to create unique lyrics but also be relatable and palatable.”

“Writing lyrics is definitely a cathartic experience for us”

If it didn’t seem obvious already, Go For Gold put plenty of thought, emotion and effort into their music. It’s forgivable to think that this means they’ve reached a level of fulfillment with the sound they’ve found making ‘Daydreamer’ – however… “This is nowhere near the definitive sound….I think that certain types of songs will continue to carry because we love them,” Williams clarified. “Songs like ‘Swear On Us’, ‘Lotus’ and ‘Jade’, will be mainstay sounds that you continue to hear from us.”

Sound and style was a constant matter when it came to creating the record, right down to selecting which tracks made it and which didn’t. The process “mostly consisted of us cutting out songs that sounded too similar in style. Though we may have had more initial success by writing the same basic song ten times, that’s not what we wanted this to be…It took us 4-5 months to write the music for 25 songs. From that, we narrowed it down to about 15 with completed vocals.”

“We want a team of people that are helping recreate the type of shows we have at home, in other cities around the United States”

All this strategy must mean they all have a plan in the industry as time goes on. Within the span of months and years, the band want to focus on achieving the goal to “create something sustainable”. Making his own prediction of the future, Williams has aims for the near future: “In two years, we want to be touring some, have released another EP and be creating our next full length.”

“We want a team of people that are helping recreate the type of shows we have at home, in other cities around the United States,” he continued. “These shows are inclusive and exciting. They aren’t limited to a single genre, sound, or image.” Brand new, evolving, and style flexibility – welcome to Go For Gold.




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