Released in 2008, ‘Suicide Season’ was the signature metalcore album that really kicked off Bring Me The Horizon‘s career. Guaranteed to get you moshing your heart out, and filled with aggressive screaming, electrifying guitar riffs and some triumphant hits drumming, this was an album that would be remembered in years to come.

“100% different from Count Your Blessings,’’ said singer Oli Sykes, talking about the record in an interview with Metal Hammer magazine at the time of the release. “We experimented a lot more I think, more with other styles of music we all enjoy, using different instrumentals and technology, by bringing a lot of digital stuff to the table. Every track is different.” And indeed this, the second studio album from BMTH, does show them in a totally different way. Comparing how they sound now, you wouldn’t think it was the same band. ‘Suicide Season’ is an important landmark in British heaviness and it is still so untouchable even today.

“No one was ready for the storm BMTH kicked up with this album, but it brought the band many fresh new fans”

There are certain songs you can listen to, certain albums, where you really feel like nothing could get better; moments that completely redefine music. No one was ready for the storm BMTH kicked up with this album, but it brought the band many fresh new fans.

Back in 2006 when the band dropped their debut album ‘Count Your Blessings’, we were given distorted sound and a brutal take on deathcore from a group of kids who were looking to cause mayhem and express themselves in a different way, through their music. Then along came ‘Suicide Season’ with its complete unique take, an album that grabbedthe word’s attention, and gave them their first huge hit. You couldn’t escape the constant talk about this record, whether it was by metalcore fans, or those in their crazy colored hair scene phase, it was everywhere and even pitted against more of their newer releases it would still be one that stood out from the crowd.

‘The Comedown’ starts the album off by bursting into life with Oli’s high-pitched scream, the insane mechanical riffs and Oli adding his deep roar to just completely welcome everyone to the album and BMTH sound. Another song that became a huge hit for all the ‘emo’ kids, was the track ‘Chelsea Smile’, one you would have heard pretty much everywhere if that was your kind of scene. Then you have the likes of ‘The Sadness Will Never End’, ‘We will never sleep’ ‘Football Season is Nearly Over’, tracks that you would blast out after having a long day, with their shrieking scream, electrifying guitar riffs and the bangs of the drums, every metalcore lover’s dream was this album.

“it was an album that spoke truth and inspired kids to really come out of their shells and express who they are”

It spoke words that many of us could relate to too; it spoke about never being able to sleep and never being able to rest, it spoke about how we never feel like we can express ourselves and speak out to the world. In all its glory, the lyrics spoke about what most likely was going through a teenager’s brain at a young age. Even if it sometimes you couldn’t understand it, it was an album that spoke truth and inspired kids to really come out of their shells and express who they are and not to care what others thought, that’s how strong of an impact music can have on any generation.

This album only wanted to offer a few things, like a drop-tuned chug, moshable breakdowns, and a big vocal chant and that’s all most of their fans wanted too. ‘Suicide Season’ was the beginning of a new era of metalcore, one that fans couldn’t wait to hear and would listen to on repeat. Considering the drastic change to Bring Me the Horizon’s music now, it’s important to look back on old classics like this and thank them for blessing us with this absolute gem of an album and making all our ‘emo’ needs come true. As much of a hit it was then, it continues to thrive even now, further proof that it’s influenced the music industry in a positive light.




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