RATING: 7/10


Motionless in White have always been that band that are the epitomy of gothic culture. Since they first enchanted listeners back in 2005, they have climbed a huge slope towards success, which has left them to be one of the most prominent mainstream metal acts of the past decade. But the Pennsylvanian band has come on heaps and bounds since their last album ‘Creatures’ back in 2010. Bringing a heavy and hypnotic piece of work to their listeners ears with their new fifth full length ‘Disguise’ .

An eleven track album, it kicks off with title track ‘Disguise’, beginning with an enchanting horror type melody leading in to vocalist Chris Motionless’s loud scream. Along with the metal-core style instrumentals, this song really brings out MIW’s sound. The chorus is clouded with Chris’s easy listening clean vocals and the breakdown well structured with an exciting build-up throughout; you can really hear the emotion behind his voice.

“a heavy and hypnotic piece of work”

‘Headache’ starts off with some basic guitar riffs as Chris pleasantly sings over the top. This one starts off with a more relaxing beginning but then leads into a deep roar as it hits the chorus, which gives the audience a feeling of suspense. This song isn’t the best on the album, it doesn’t offer as much as the rest. But besides that, the instrumentals are structured nicely.

‘<c0de>’ is different and has such a wide variety of different types of musical genres within it. It has an almost synth/electronic sound. It is similar to songs made by Linkin Park. Being a lot softer than the rest, it’s not like any other on the record. A track that picks up its tempo significantly, is ‘Thoughts & Prayers.’ With its tight riffs and Chris’s harsh screams throughout the intro it will get you banging your head! This is a great piece of music, the guitar riffs and drumming collaborate to create an incredibly fast beat, especially before the breakdown.

‘Legacy’ is the albums slowest piece, it’s an easy song to listen too. The drums are a lot quieter; Chris’s voice is a lot more soothing and there is not a lot of guitar riffs within this piece. If there was to be more MIW guitar riffs, the ones we all know and love throughout this song, it would have been more of a hit. ‘Undead Ahead 2: The Tale of the Midnight Ride’ is arguably the best song on the record, this song brings the record back to its heavier roots, very much like songs from their last album ‘Graveyard Shift.’ With the song’s world class instrumentals and front man Chris’ superb, deep screams which make loving this song so easy, be ready for that manic break down though because it is extremely heavy!

“yet another top-notch album”

‘Holding onto Smoke’ and ‘Another Life’ are an example of how MIW mange to keep their instrumentals flowing immensely in much slower songs, along with Chris showing of his range with his vocals. He sings about his struggles in daily life and how he manages to keep pushing through. ‘Broadcasting from Beyond the Grave: Death Inc’ starts off with a radio style recording sound saying ‘’good evening, you’re listening to broadcasting from beyond the grave, tonight’s chilling episode, death incorporated.’’ Then the song kicks into gear from there, this song gave off a different sound this time, it was very much like an old school Marilyn Manson record. It’s brought down by the occasional electronic dance music type sound, which didn’t work as well as it could.

‘Brand New Numb’ starts off with a more acoustic guitar riff going into an electric sound throughout the record. This song is more radio friendly then the rest and a lot more pop inspired then the other tracks on this album. ‘Catharis’ is the final track on the album, another slow yet catchy piece, showing some different style of sound for MIW. Motionless in White have released yet another top-notch album, whilst some songs are a lot different to what we would usually hear from them, they still exceed in the metalcore genre. The best part of this album is that not one song sounds familiar to another.






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