RATING: 8/10


The scene is abuzz with the chatter of a new and developing alt-rock outfit, known for their unique live performances and personalised renditions of rock music. Still finding their feet in the British alternative scene, Oxford’s Lake Acacia are already making waves and are splashing harder than ever with their latest EP, ‘Broken Circuits’.

Following on almost two years from their debut release, ‘Figure Frame’ the group show off how they’ve grown and improved in the four short yet bittersweet tracks on ‘Broken Circuits’. From the first track, ‘Runaway’ the special element that separates the three-piece from other outfits in the genre is their surprisingly fitting inclusion of three-part harmonies. This is used to bring out power and stand out against the modern heavy instrumental sound by adding a classical taste. Again, there is a thought that it shouldn’t match up and work as well as it does, but there’s a reason it’s alternative – the rules never stick and laws change as often as the seasons.

“the group show off how they’ve grown and improved”

The winning partnership between vocals and instruments is balanced in an almost ideal way for rock, and there is a demand in frontman Adam Budd’s vocals that brings the listener’s attention straight to it. Come for the solo voice, stay for the harmony; that’s how Lake Acacia are playing and the game and surprise surprise, they’re progressing.

The most memorable track on the EP is the group’s recent single release, ‘Desynthed’. Showing that its attention is rightfully gained as a single release, the track successfully goes all-out without cheapening and ruining what the band have been building up musically on ‘Broken Circuits’. The last thing an act wishes to do is put their all into one specific song, and place only a fraction of the same dedication into the surrounding songs on a record – and once it’s heard, it can dampen the entire feel of the record – but as outstanding as ‘Desynthed’ is, it doesn’t cheapen what came before or comes after.

“the band are only getting better …there’s no telling where they’ll stop”

Perhaps it’s the more stereotypical alt-rock sound that the single holds, and how the band prove that they can go with the genre flow when it comes to fitting in more with the expectations put before them in the industry. Being able to show versatility and adaptation is a major necessity and that does include knowing when to deviate and when to obey. Lake Acacia showing early on that their style and ethic can change and they’ll still be thriving creatively is one of the best signs of high success in the future. Three years into their career and reaching this point is nothing short of amazing, and it’s what will keep listeners coming back as time passes and more is released.

Overall, Lake Acacia has unveiled so much about themselves as a band in the short capacity of four tracks, and it’s all spoken through what they’ve put their effort and their heart into. The work speaks for itself more than they can explain it, and it can’t be stressed enough that these are indications that the band are only getting better and if they stay along the course that benefits and fulfils them, there’s no telling where they’ll stop. There’s a long career ahead of them. Here’s hoping they live that career right.






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