RATING: 10/10


Dinosaur Pile Up’s fourth studio album ‘Celebrity Mansions’ is set to be a gamechanger for the band. Taking a plethora of influences, melding Hip-Hop with Thrash Metal, Pop with Grunge and blatant sarcastic lyricism with moments of utter poetry, Dinosaur Pile Up have blessed us with the best rock album of the year so far!

‘Thrash Metal Cassette’, an ode to touring the States accompanied by the broken cassette player in their van, combines obnoxious thrash verses and an anthemic melodic chorus. This song is a rollercoaster with a middle finger attached. As an opener, it is as strong as a shot of Absynthe! Entirely ridiculing the concept of celebrity, a Children’s Choir features throughout the bridge singing the praises of thrash metal, and combined with the lyric “I’m gonna shred ‘til I’m dead anyway”, created a JCM 800 amplified, mosh-pit inducing, certified banger!

“set to be a gamechanger for the band”

‘Back Foot’ takes on a more hip-hop style vocal flow. Showcasing some truly brilliant songwriting, with a lot of random sounds of car doors slamming, coins chinking and sirens wailing, you are utterly enthralled from start to finish. The chorus is one of the best of the last decade. Try not to bang your head to it. The lyrics showcase perseverance, brushing off the non-believers with a “like yeah, whatever”; never quite getting to the point you want to be whilst Instagram ‘influencers’ are making millions for doing nothing, a tone that continues throughout the rest of the album.

‘Super Heavy Metal Broken Hearted Loser Punk’ is a stroke of pure genius. Harking back to the band’s album ‘Nature Nurture’ musically, the song has another banging chorus that will be chanted across festival fields this summer! Combining a melodic first half with an almost Weezer-esque bridge, Dinosaur Pile Up have a new future fan favourite! Next up, the title track, ‘Celebrity Mansions’, a sludgy, stoner ballad is elating and anthemic. “My time is coming around, I don’t know when and I don’t know how” summarises the album perfectly, closing on “don’t quit on me now”. There are so many fantastic moments of production and songwriting on the album, so Larry Hibbett’s work cannot go unspoken! OUTSTANDING!

‘Round The Bend’ is nostalgia incarnate. Emphasising the importance of mental health, this song holds one of the best bridges on the record! ‘Pouring Gasoline’ is a punk-rock assault on all the sense; somewhat reminiscent of the Foo-Fighters, and having one of the most catchy choruses on the album, this song is a real gem! A chromatic breakdown seals the songwriting genius.

“A perfect album that has something for everyone”

‘Black Limousine’ is a head-nodding, emotional ride from end-to-end. The chorus encompasses the power of being united in sadness – “Thrown away, broken, discarded; Fall with me into a dream, Ride in my Black Limousine.” K West takes on a more idiosyncratic, sarcastic tone, and for the second time throughout the record mentions Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, either in genuine admiration or as the ironic idol in this world of celebrity idolatry. ‘Professional Freak’ is a self-affirming anthem. “I’m exactly the way I want to be” encourages the listener to be the same. An anthem for being comfortable in your own skin.

Finally, we have the absolutely beautiful ‘Long Way Down’. An apt closer, considering the tone is somewhat melancholic and reflective of the listeners yearning for more. DPU have done it. A perfect album that has something for everyone. It is already one of the best albums of the year!





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