Over the years Wales has cranked out some pretty incredible bands, giving the world a melting pot of artists from multiple genres like pop-punkers Neck Deep, rock quintet Kids In Glass Houses, and post-hardcore act The Blackout. Now, another band has emerged from the area, ready to be known: Scavengers.

The South Wales quartet formed merely five months ago after vocalist Marek Ball, guitarist James O’ Neill, bassist Nicky-Rhys Hughes, and drummer Daniel Powell’s other bands’ dissolved. “Scavengers came together when James and I, who used to be in a band together, got in touch about starting back up with a project,” Ball said.

“We all agree that previously we were too hung up on genres”

Since their formation, Scavengers released their debut single “Bodysnatcher” back in October and dropped their latest track “Deadlock” a month ago, which currently has over a thousand streams.

Their latest single “Deadlock” has an interesting story behind it. “The song ended up being stitched together with lyrics from 3 different songs I’d written,” Ball said about the track. “The chorus was from the original demo, titled “Cartographer”; the verses came from a piece called “Motherlode”; and the pre-chorus came from a song called “Reflections.”

A music video for “Deadlock” features several old school cartoons and films ranging from Popeye to Night of the Living Dead, which are in the public domain. Ball wanted the video for “Deadlock” to basically “scavenge” the content from these sorts of media and to make it fit with the lyrics. “I knew that at some point I wanted to do a music video with old films and cartoons in it; given our name I am really into this idea of taking old things, old themes, old ideas, etc. and ‘scavenging’ them into something new – and from the way ‘Deadlock’’s lyrics came together – it made sense to me to hit home this Scavenger mentality by using my idea for old films and cartoons for this song,” he explained.

When it comes to songwriting, Ball explained that everything influences him, whether it be films, video games, or even real life. “I draw a lot of inspiration from poetry, old cinema, sci-fi and fantasy; I’m a pretty nerdy guy, and I tend to write against that backdrop,” he noted.

“I specifically want people to enjoy our music because it reminds them of a good memory.”

The music they make differs from the members’ other material. “Our past projects taught us a lot about being in a band; from writing songs, to performing, to how the industry works, etc. but asides that, Scavengers is trying to succeed where perhaps our past exploits failed,” Ball spoke on the subject. “We all agree that previously we were too hung up on genres, throwing out tracks because they didn’t tick a certain box.” He said they’re more forgiving on themselves with their writing. For now, their main goal is to have fun with everything.

Ball explains the band’s style, stating, “I specifically want people to enjoy our music because it reminds them of a good memory. I’m confident in saying we aren’t confining ourselves to any one particular genre or style, too – so I’d hope we are varied enough that at least one song resonates with somebody.” Mixing in elements found in My Chemical Romance, Blitz Kids, and A Day To Remember, allowing an audience from any kind of genre to latch onto Scavengers.

Scavengers have big plans for 2019, as well as the future, but they’re taking baby steps for now. “2018 really was a great year for us; preparing, launching, finding our feet, and getting our name in the faces of everyone we know, and 2019 has started with us building upon that groundwork – by the time this year is up, I want us to be in a position where we can walk into 2020 and really make it our year – but again, there is so much work to do before then,” Ball said about their immediate plans. Scavengers are planing on performing at next year’s 2000 Trees Festival, with Ball saying it’s a personal goal for Scavs. An EP should be coming out later in 2019.




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