Having surprise dropped one of THE best pop loving EPs last week in the form of Games, aka 17 minutes of pure pop fuelled blissful bangers, LIZZY FARRALL is quickly becoming one of the leading voices in pop rock, both here in the UK and overseas.

So what better time than prior to her run with LIGHTS and back to back shows with SLAM DUNK festival next week, than to find out who she recommends checking out…

knocked loose

Knocked Loose are definitely my main band I must see this year!
They blew me away last time I saw them and are definitely one of my favourite heavier band!


I was very lucky to go on tour with Nate and Timmy the start of this year. Such lovely and super talented guys.
I Can’t wait to see them kill it.

Plain White T’s

When I was around 7/8 years old I was a big Plain White T’s fan and this will be the first time watching them live.
I can’t wait to be soaked in nostalgia!


Sadly I’m clashing with Turnstile so I’ll only be able to catch a few songs but you bet your ass I’ll be there for the short amount of time I can haha!
Turnstile have been one of favourite bands for a few years now and are utterly incredible live!

Story Untold

Very excited to finally get to meet/see my twitter buddies Story Untold!

Press to Meco

Got a lot of love for these boys.
They are such talented musicians and I know for a fact they are gonna be putting on a incredible show!


I honestly believe Wallflower are gonna be the next big thing and I’m very excited to watch them.

A Loss For Words

I’m so fucking excited to watch my Manager Matty Arsenault absolutely kill it each day and the rest of the guys in A Loss For Words!


Slam Dunk is Saturday 25th May in Leeds and Sunday 26th May in Hatfield.





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