As summer approaches and festival season is brought on, every member of the pop-punk community takes their cue to start playing their loudest, proudest, bounciest hits from the 2000s scene. This was the decade that gave the world most of the greatest pop-punk hits of all time, and some of the most memorable records to ever grace the genre. One example of this is All Time Low’s timeless 2009 masterpiece ‘Nothing Personal’.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this summer, ‘Nothing Personal’ was the record that brought the American rockers to many’s attention for the first time – despite it being their third album. The key to its initial success was how it appealed as a summer record: following its release with appearances at Warped Tour and Reading and Leeds Festival, it’s fair to assume the band knew how to promote such an energetic and youthful record.

“All Time Low gave the world a catchy anthem of love, loss and confusion”

Another key to the success of ‘Nothing Personal’ was its lead single, ‘Weightless’. With a catchy head-banging beat and lyrics of hope, determination and taking every opportunity that presents itself, it was destined to become an anthem for the younger people in the world. Still growing and maturing themselves, the band became a relatable support system for teenagers and young adults and their messages were spread in such an entertaining tongue-in-cheek manner that it was almost unavoidable. The music video for ‘Weightless’ pokes fun at the inner thoughts and opinions of everyone involved in the music industry: from the band, to their crew, to their fans, to a tired-looking Mark Hoppus dealing with comments of how All Time Low “rip off” Blink-182. Every sentiment being written off with the title phrase, “Nothing Personal”. It’s all truth: people’s opinions are rarely personal to one specific person, and it’s a rule of life that’s handy to keep in mind.

Every pop-punk album has to touch upon the universal topic of love and relationships, and that has to include ‘Nothing Personal’. All Time Low gave the world a catchy anthem of love, loss and confusion in ‘Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)’. Again taking things to a hilarious extreme, musically and visually in the accompanying video, it solidified the album as a part of pop-punk history and an instant fan-favourite for those who loved the band or simply those who loved the style of music they were producing.

“it’s still the album that’ll get everyone up and dancing”

There’s no clear cut definite answer to what made ‘Nothing Personal’ such a standout album for the band, but there has to be some magic within those tracks that after ten years, it’s still the album that’ll get everyone up and dancing in their tents during summertime festivals – and better yet, it sets All Time Low themselves to be one of the most ideal bands for those very same festivals.

It doesn’t matter if a fan heard it the first week it was released to the world, or years later as they reach their adulthood and find their place in this community, it still has that strong, carefree, relaxing feel in 2019 as it did in 2009.



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