Since the release of ‘Laugh Tracks’ in 2016, Knocked Loose have been one of the hottest commodities in the hardcore/metal scene and rightly so! Melding together a combination of brutal breakdowns, groovy riffs and, lead singer, Bryan Garris’ now trademark vocal style that replicates a rabid pit bull; barking his angry and apathetic lyrics. This makes for an amalgamation more deadly than the Kentucky outfit’s beatdowns. Garris has commented on all things Knocked Loose including their surprise release, of EP, ‘Mistakes Like Fractures’.

“The idea behind the 7” was kind of a joke that snowballed into reality.”

“The idea behind the 7” was kind of a joke that snowballed into reality.” Explains Garris, “We were in the studio working on stuff and we knew ‘Mistakes Like Fractures’ would be our first single.” What was a casual, joking remark turned into a very real experience with the introduction of a cover and a re-release of one of the tracks that started it all for Knocked Loose, “The idea of the cover and new version of “All My Friends” was a joke mentioned casually during a jam session and we ran with it. Once they were recorded we figured.. ‘Why not?’”. ’All My Friends’ has a new lease of life thanks to this re-release, the production is brought up to speed, “It’s just an old song that sounds like shit but we still love it so we made it better”. And with it comes a heightened level of maturity which is of particular note for the band, “With every record the goal is to just get better at doing what we do. I think we definitely matured, as generic as that sounds.”

As a 7” this gave the opportunity for the band to something interesting with the physical release, a passion of Garris’, stating that it “was a huge goal of mine” to release a physical vinyl.  “I try to keep short terms goals and work from thing to thing rather than starting a band with ‘I’m gonna be famous’ in mind. So my first goal for the band was to release physical music. I still get excited whenever we get a new colour or record, etc.” A trait the spills over into the consumer in Garris, especially on the road, “I actually do the majority of my record shopping on tour. I’m not a huge fan of ordering records online because to me the fun part is the hunt.”

“Music is 100% my outlet for everything I go through. Without it I would be a crazy person and maybe not even here.”

Garris also reveals what the band has become, a project that is constantly being worked on, even when they are not touring the downtime is limited, “On the surface it may seem like we were off but it’s kind of turned into an everyday thing for us. In that time we were at the studio working on new stuff, planning for the future.” But the band are far from exhausted, but galvanised to create as Garris clarifies “With that being said, I’m definitely not burnt out, and excited for the future. We love touring and if it ever got to that point we would slow down rather than burn out.” As much as the band love the hectic touring schedule, it does come at a cost, impacting the band’s personal lives while they are relentlessly on the road, “being gone so much, you miss a lot of things back home: weddings, birthdays, holidays, etc. and the older I get the more that seems to bother me.” Despite this, Garris reveals the incredible support that they receive from loved ones, highlighting it as a main motivational tool, “My families support and the fans that the band has. We have an AMAZING support system with our fans and friends. We should’ve never made it this far, but here we are.”


What is very apparent when listening to is the raw honesty in delivery and in the content, Garris stokes the raging fire with his inner demons and personal issues in a creative outlet as he goes on to say, “Music is 100% my outlet for everything I go through. Without it I would be a crazy person and maybe not even here.” But does mention that he tries to stay reserved and humble, “My private life is exactly that, private. I keep what I go through in lyrics and try not to over share with strangers.”

The passion and undying work rate that this band have pumped into their work is worth shouting about. They have a very bright future ahead of them after the release of their debut album and the latest EP only solidifies the promise that they hold for possibly the most exciting scene and genre. The persistent determination to continue to keep going through hard times is summed perfectly in Garris’ closing remark, “Never Stop Going In.”




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