Warning: the content of this post contains details about sexual assault allegations and potential rape, if this is something that upsets you please consider not reading this.

Following an expose from both HuffPost and Metalsucks regarding sexual assault allegations against its frontman Dahvie Vanity, Spotify removed Blood On The Dancefloor’s music from their streaming service as it violated their guidelines on prohibited content. Today the vocalist has spoken out against the removal of his music, claiming “I’d never imagined that my lyrics would hurt anyone”

Since it was removed the band hadn’t given much insight into what had happened, but today their leading man Dahvie Vanity shared a statement on his Facebook about the situation. In the detailed post Vanity explained “As you may have noticed, the entire discography of Blood On The Dance Floor has been removed from Spotify effective April 20th. In looking into this issue, we were notified by our distributor that our material was taken down for violating their content & conduct policy relating to hate speech. Shortly thereafter it was also removed from the Google Play store for similar reasons.”

I’d never imagined that my lyrics would hurt anyone. From the start of BOTDF, I wanted to push boundaries to provoke both thought and reaction. I had never intended for them to be considered anything beyond entertainment value, but I recognize that the world we live in now has evolved to hold us more accountable to the things that we say.”

Looking back at myself 12 years ago, I am a very different man today. My days of saying outrageous things just to get a reaction are well passed me. I feel that I have grown and evolved tremendously as both a person and as an artist. To any of you who I may have hurt in the past with the lyrical content of my songs, I am truly and deeply sorry.”

The full statement can be found below:

To my fans and friends,As you may have noticed, the entire discography of Blood On The Dance Floor has been removed…

Posted by Blood On The Dance Floor on Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Spotify removed Blood On The Dancefloor’s music just after detailed expose’s from Metalsucks and HuffPost were released that saw over a dozen women come forward with sexual assault allegations against Vanity, some of whom were minors at the time.

HuffPost then contacted Spotify, along with with other streaming services, to bring attention to what some would consider ‘vulgar’ lyrics in Blood On The Dancefloor’s music that detailed explicitly degrading and humiliating women.

The streaming service took down their music as it violated Spotify’s guidelines on prohibited content, which outlaws anything that contains Infringing Content, Illegal Content, Explicit Content and Hate Content.

We did reach out to Dahvie Vanity for a comment on the situation, he chose not to respond.



  1. yup he hurt me and my friend at a concert.. separate occasions. We immediately stopped supporting him or the band.. i find it odd that the girls he hurts still ran after him.


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