Take an ounce of Rage Against The Machines’ angst, a good helping of funky rhythms and blend well with Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Faith No More; then you get close to what Queasy have on offer.

They’re making a name for themselves on the North West’s live scene, as a lively band, who know how to put on a show and give people a good time. That’s why we had a chat with with them ahead of their EP launch.

you gotta know what you are doing, and what it is you are trying to achieve

With a do it yourself attitude, the band took to the streets of Manchester at the start of March, to film their own music video for ‘Jackdaw’, so how did that go? Alex said it was important to include Manchester because “the cultural vibe of the city is very close to our hearts, beside we knew we could count on some interaction.” A man running around in a strange mask and a cane must have caught some attention after all.

Being based in such a cultural city though, doesn’t always hold an advantage “to be heard, or even more importantly to be noticed, is tricky with so many great bands about, you gotta know what you are doing, and what it is you are trying to achieve”. But, Jack did add that it is easy to tap into the “artistic tradition” there.

a cacophony of ear blistering grooves!”

As far as the recording went, they kept it “natural”, or in other words, they’d just “jam a couple of riffs out and build it from there”. Funk and rock are quite different however, even though the blend words terrifically well, do they have a favourite? According to Jack, they “Call it a draw. Our drummer and guitarist have always been into the heavier genres of music, whereas the vocalist and bassist have always leaned more towards the funk, which always results in a cacophony of ear blistering grooves!”

Solly also had no doubt in picking a favourite venue, it was an abrupt “Gorilla” for him. Jimmy’s does hold a special place for them now though, as it housed their EP launch. They’d been “preparing a brand new set” especially for the gig and teased that we should “keep our eyes peeled” as more live shows are to follow; including some further afield.











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