WARNING: Contents include details of sexual assault allegations. If this is something that upsets you please do not read. 

Yesterday Blood On The Dancefloor had all their music removed from Spotify, with the streaming service claiming that their music violated Spotify’s guidelines on prohibited content on the streaming platform.

Following an expose from MetalSucks and Huffpost on the accusations of sexual assault against frontman Dahvie Vanity from over a dozen women in the past decade, HuffPost reached out to Spotify about streaming their music following the allegations. Spotify made a brief response and confirmed that their content had been removed from the service for violating Spotify’s guidelines for prohibited content.

Spotify’s policy outlines prohibited content as that which is Infringing Content, Illegal Content, Explicit Content and Hate Content. It could be suggested that Blood On The Dancefloors music contains sexually explicit content that details indecent acts with women i.e. killing them and humiliating them, as described by HuffPost, that also don’t compliment previous sexual assault accusations against Dahvie Vanity.

This follows from the allegations made against Dahvie Vanity, aka Jesus David Torres, who allegedly sexually assaulted over a dozen women in the past decade, some of which were minors. More information about those allegations can be found here.

As of the time this article is being written, you cannot stream Blood On The Dancefloor on Spotify. 



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