Last night Matty Healey replenished the thirst of fans dying for any news on their forthcoming album by just leaking the album name and cover out of the blue- because he can just do that.

Following up from their 2018 hit ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’ will be their new baby ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ set for release in 2019-2020.

Whilst it’s been known by fans for a while that the new album was on its way, no one speculated it would be this soon and now it even has a face! ‘Notes On A Conditional Form‘ will join ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships‘ in-part of their ‘Music For Cars’ era. However the two are not linked, Healy explained in a Dazed interview, that he didn’t want people getting to two mixed up;

“My only fear is that because I’ve put this umbrella over both albums, they’ll be perceived as intrinsically connected. But that was never my intention; I’m just making records. I’ve gotta always want to be making my masterpiece. Otherwise, what’s the point?”

Music For Cars isn’t an album, it’s an era. Healy had originally wanted to call their late 2018 counterpart the same name but decided to frame the two album releases into an era, the Music For Cars era, inspired by their 2013 EP. Whatever comes from this era of music isn’t necessarily linked, but has a distinctive sound that Healy wanted to identify.

We’re not sure when the new album’s arriving but we’ll keep you updated with everything to come!



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