Whilst this Friday is International Women’s Day, let’s face it, our male dominated industry is always going to need feminism. 365 days a year. 24 hours a day… and every. Single. Second.

Whilst we’re now seeing festival promoters making conscious decisions to include more female artists, a rise in female industry personnel, and the dreaded term of ‘fan girl’ is being thrown to the ground (where it rightly belongs), sadly recent reports show that our fellow suffragettes still have a long way to go.

Only last year the  Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, the leading global team carrying out studies about inclusion across entertainment industry found out, some well sadly not too shocking statistics. The report found that in 2017 only 16.8% of artists breaking through were women or identified as women, and that same year marked a six year low for female artists in popular culture. Oh and the Grammys? Yeah. Only 9.3% of nominees were female. Fuck. That. 

So down with the misogyny music industry, we’re not just gonna be celebrating International Women’s Day for 24 hours. Nope. We’re dedicating this entire week to the women who have and are changing the world, and we don’t just mean in music.

And as it’s #NewMusicMonday here’s the future voices smashing patriarchy. Turn these ladies up and get ready to riot.


From: Chester | For Fans Of: Elder Brother, Forever Came Calling

Lizzy may come from a small British town, but her pop rock anthems are simply massive. Twinkling melodies, heart wrenchingly honest lyrics, and an empowering take on honesty, we’ve never been this excited for a solo artist’s sophomore record. Lizzy truly is a 21st century girl with a 21st century and empowering approach to the heartbreak of everyday life, all beautifully layered in big radio pop anthems that you’ll be singing along to for years to come.


From: Bristol | For Fans Of: Comeback Kid, Converge

This one is gonna be loud. And we mean LOUD. SVALBARD are a band who have been on the forefront of the British heavy music scene for some time now, and it’s not hard to see why. Whilst their raging heavy riffs wrap themselves a solid structure of anthemic choruses, what really see’s Serena Cherry and co flying the flag for modern day feminism is their push for social justice. “No longer his girlfriend, do they no longer deserve dignity? Private photos so maliciously leaked, they only serve to kill off.” (Revenge Porn).



From: Oakland, California | For Fans Of: Culture Abuse, Fidlar

We want to have a party. A punk party. A punk party for all. Regardless of your sex, gender, gender identity, sexuality, race, class. Oh, and we want Pity Party to headline because we’re a sucker for BIG punk anthems. You know the kind that make you instantly want to jump up and down, scream at the top of your lungs, and embrace the flaws and wonders that make you who you are.



From: Fresno, California | For Fans Of: Bikini Kill , Greenday

Another one for the nights dancing around your apartment with your headphones on wine drunk, jumping up and down, and smearing that lipstick on in the mirror whilst doing your best David Bowie impression, these ladies are celebrating everything we love about being a woman, and with it serving life changing realness. Oh, and you can totally get away with saying “I’m the manager asshole” with the excuse that you’re just reciting the lyrics from Minimum Rage. Soz hun, I AM the boss.



From: Manchester | For Fans Of: Kids In Glass Houses

Best served warm, Hot Milk’s pop punk is just as neon as the early 2000s, and it’s definitely about time British rock got some more colour to it again. Fresh from having just toured Europe with You Me At Six, and most likely having stole the show each night one infectious pop chorus at a time, Hot Milk are soon becoming one of the hottest exports from the British isles.



From: Coventry | For Fans Of: Paramore (Early), Fall Out Boy (early)

Quickly becoming one of the most important bands in the Midlands, Everything Aside have risen from the ashes of their former bands to create a strong three piece that’s about to dominate the British rock airwaves. Having headlined Coventry’s Pride last year, Everything Aside are making their presence known across the board, uniting everyone under the great British rock flag.



From: Florida | For Fans Of: Super Unison, Drug Church

When anyone says the word ‘D.I.Y’ only a few bands truly come to mind, and one of them is Florida’s Gouge Away. Hailing from the sunshine state, Gouge Away paint the soundwaves with a deep orange grunge ridden tint. Having released the incredible, Burnt Sugar last year, alongside a mass of Xeroxed stapled zines, Gouge Away are a band influencing the new wave across the art world. No wonder we’re crowning them as one of our best discoveries of the last twelve months.



From: Birkenhead, Liverpool | For Fans Of: Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

Lead queen and vocalist Zena has one of the most hauntingly distinct and sensual voices to ever shake up our eardrums, and throwing in anthemic choruses that would have the likes of Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs jealous, Queen Zee are producing a stadium sized soundtrack for the LBGTQ movement. With infectious sing alongs such as the bluntly honest, ““I’m alone / I’m alone / I’m a loner”, Queen Zee are the royalty of a generation of misfits searching for acceptance.



From: London | For Fans Of: Nails, Code Orange

Remember when we said the UK was on fire with heavy music? Well no one seems to be as crushingly heavy as Ithaca. If you’re looking for a teeth kicking of pure noise with rough cut edges that would even soften the sounds of bands such as Code Orange then look no further. We’d advise to turn these up to 11, but then again hearing is a pretty essential sense isn’t it?



From: California | For Fans Of: SWMRS

One of, if not THE most important new young bands at the moment, The Regrettes are smashing the patriarchy one gigantic sing along at a time. Having fallen on the radar of the likes of Gerard Way, The Regrettes are making the voices of new wave feminism heard, all the while shining on us big and bright California summer anthems. Catch them on the road with Twenty One Pilots this month and join the movement.



From: Chicago | For Fans Of: Bad Religion

This isn’t Against Me! , it’s Laura Jane Grace proving that no matter what musical direction she takes she’s still kicking ass, and giving the system a great big middle finger, or a big solid punk boot up the ass. Just as politically fuelled as ever, and with a guitar from Tom Petty himself in hand, Laura presents to us psychotically mesmerising songs that wake up your core, and make you want to raise your voices and fists into the air.


From: | For Fans Of: All Time Low

They may still be young, but they’re one of the key clogs in the feminist machine that is currently taking on the world. “A patronizing broken record. Listen up we will be heard!” cries out the female three piece on an almost cinematic level. Returning the us to the sound of the early pop rock of the 2000s, it won’t be long until Not Ur Girlfrienz are headlining the festivals and dominating the radio waves across the world.




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